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Repair Report

M/V Bernada Quintana from Barber Ship Management

Dockyard Doubles Its Prosperity

In January 2003, Huarun Dadong Dockyard (HRDD) was awarded eight vessel repair contracts awarded in succession — doubling the amount of jobs the yard was awarded just one year previous.

Measuring 614 x 93 ft. (187.3 x 28.4 m) M/V

Sheila Macdevitt of U.S.-based TECO Shipping will undergo approximately 70,000 sq. m. of sand- blasting and coating in ballast tanks, holds and main decks, and more than 150 tons of steel renewal. The 896 141-ft. (273 x 43-m) M/V Lady

Madonna of Japan's Toyo Sangyo Japan will receive 45,000 sq. m. hold sandblasting and zinc silicate coating, and 300 tons of steel renewal and routine dry docking works for shafting and hull maintenance works, while M/V Integra Duckling 886 x 138 ft. (270 x 42 m) of TNT from Taiwan will experience 28,800 sq. m. hold sandblasting and coating and 100 tons of steel renewal and dry docking works. Routine dry docking works for M/V Maritime Peace 525 x 83 ft. (160 x 25.4 m) of Taspool (IMC) from Singapore, M/V Grand Race 588 x 106 ft. (179.1 x 32.2) of CIDO Shipping from South Korea and M/V Glorious Sun 543 x 89 ft. (165.5 x 27 m) of Veritas Maritime Corporation from Philippine, and two domestic vessels for docking and minor repairs.

Located at the entrance of Yangtze River into the China East Sea and opposite to Shanghai Port, Huarun

Dadong Dockyard (HRDD) is closelyfollowing the rapid step of Shanghai's economic development, reforming externally and internally. Within the last seven years of improvement after HRDD's establishment, the company now has the ability to bid for repairs and conversions not only on bulk carriers and multi-purpose carriers, but also on container, chemical tankers, RoRos and LPG vessels with satisfactory feedback from owners.

With the steady technique support from Hudong shipbuilding yard which is the shareholder of HRDD togeth- er with China Resource (Hong Kong) Ltd, the repair work scope in the yard consisted of the completion of sev- eral successful repair contracts: conversion of bulk carrier cargo hold into container cargo hold and converted container hold 12-ft. cover into 24 ft. cover for SS Manulani from Matson in October of 2000; 1,700 tons of steel renewal on M/V Primo in 2001 from Barber Ship Management, which again awarded M/V Leopardy with 1,100 tons of steel renewal to HRDD. In addition, HRDD per- formed 700 tons of steel renewal on M/V Irongale from Zodiac in 25 days during May 2002.

The systematic management and the infrastruc- ture reinforcement such as berth extension and air compressor capacity expansion enable HRDD to sandblast all holds for panamax ships simultane- ously and accomplish successfully 13,000 sq. m. of cargo tank sandblasting for M/T Emerald Sky from

Tanker Pacific within 15 days this May. m Modern Chance from South Korea docked at Cjrc|e /2 Qn Reader Servke Card

Huarun Dadong Dockyard.

Prinsesse Ragnhild at

Blohm + Voss Repair

On January 7. 2003. the 664-ft. (202.2-m) passenger/car ferry

Prinsesse Ragnhild. which belongs to Norwegian shipowner Color Line, began a 41-day stay at the

Blohm+Voss shipyard. The vessel, which has a gt of 35.438. and a breadth of 80 ft. (24.3 m), is to undergo a comprehensive general overhaul of its auxiliary diesel and main starboard engine — and a new coat of paint.

A crankshaft in the portside main engine will be replaced and public sanitation installations renovated along with cabins. In addition the stern of the vessel is to be modified with the installation of a 'duck tail' to improve thrust.

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Tanker Detained

In Shetland

In the early morning hours of

February 7. 2003, the single hulled oil tanker Arendal loaded with 106.000 tons of crude oil was detained at Sullom Voe in Shetland after deficiencies were found by a

Maritime and Coastguard Surveyor during his inspection of the vessel.

Measuring 771 ft. (235 in), Arendal is a Norwegian registered oil tanker that is owned by Norwegian-based

Arendal Holdings.

Initially, members of the crew con- tacted the owners of the vessel in

Norway, after finding cracks in the vessel. The owners then requested a

Classification Society Surveyor from

Sweden to go to Shetland to inspect their tanker. He discovered cracking on deck in way of the number three starboard water ballast tank.

The harbor authorities at Sullom

Voe alerted the Maritime and

Coastguard Agency, who sent a sur- veyor to also inspect the vessel who has confirmed the findings of the class surveyor. The vessel has now been placed under detention at

Sullom Voe until the vessel can be discharged and further assessments can be made with regard to further action on repairs to the vessel.

Repairs on Infinity

Greater than Expected

According to Celebrity Cruises, bearing units in Infinity's propulsion system required more extensive repairs than originally expected, fol- lowing a thorough examination of the ship's propulsion equipment.

These repairs, which according to

Celebrity, were expected to take longer than estimated earlier, result- ed in the cancellation of the vessel's

February 23 sailing. Infinity was expected to resume service March 9.

As a result of the repairs, the compa- ny cancelled two sailings on Infinity — a Feb. 2 sailing from Ensenada,

Mexico, to Hawaii and a return trip

Feb. 13. It also shortened a Jan. 19 cruise, so that the vessel could be drydocked at a facility in Newport

News. Va.

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