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Glass\ Bent

Marine glass provides exceptional visibility and safety in new or refurbished vessels. These tough- ened, laminated glass windshields are available in conical, cylindrical and irregular forms, and resist mois- ture, water vapor, chemical attack, and UV clear or tinted glass avail- able.

Circle No. 101

Chugoku "Cg* Chugoku can offer coat- ings for every area of a vessel, whether it be for new buildings or for ships in service. Chugoku also sup- plies to the offshore sector and other marine installations - in fact every where paint is needed. With advanced, environmentally friendly products, Chugoku is regarded as a leading expert in the supply of coat- ings for Marine use.

Circle No. 102


Curacao Drydock has invested in modern of technologies, and boasts laser technolo- gies, robotics and 2,000 meters of repair quays outfit- ted with 13 cranes with a lifting capacity up to 75 tons, including two crane trucks with a maximum capacity of 140 tons. Adding to the established capability in the custom- ary quarter of tankers, bulk carriers, container and cargo vessels.

Circle No. 103 ' Gardner •jg^Jf ^ Denver ^PP®*^^ Gardner Denver

Water Jetting

Systems announced the start of its new water jetting rental program.

Water jet machines are now available from one of seven strategically locat- ed outlets in the U.S. They offer a wide range of water jetting rental equipment available ranging from the smallest Model 110DT water blasting machine up to Model 836DT.

Circle No. 104 m Hamworthy Hamworthy KSE's new waste water treat- ment process based on biological degradation and membrane separation produces the highest quality discharge with- out requiring any addition or gener- ation of chemicals that are haz- ardous to the environment or ship operation. Recent tests conducted by NSF produced results exceeding the most stringent future legislative pollutant values envisaged.

Circle No. 105 riL-—-i —Harbormaster « t

Harbormaster Marine,

Inc., continues the long tradition begun by Murray &

Tregurtha more than 60 years ago, of producing high- quality, well-engineered propulsion products for commercial marine applications. These include self-con- tained, deck-mounted outboard drive units from 50 to 1,500 hp; and in-hull tunnel thrusters for power sources from 100 to 1,000 hp.

Circle No. 106

Jjp'' Integument |p* f Integument j Technologies, manufacturer of engineered fluropolymer systems of linings, films and coatings, now offers a patch and repair system for fast and reliable corrosion control inside ballast tanks. Their FluoroGrip flu- oropolymer linings extend ballast tank coating system life by keeping small patches of rust and general corrosion from spreading.

Circle No. 107


Marine Coatings


Ecoloflex SPC has been developed in conjunction with

International Marine Coatings's technology partner in Japan,

Nippon Paint Marine Coatings. Its unique, patented self polishing copolymer mechanism ensures con- tinual biocide release and inherent self smoothing for extended in- service periods.

Circle No. 108


Jotun is conversant in ballast tank pro- tection and with current and poten- tial requirements in the industry.

Specially formulated coatings work- ing in conjunction with a cathodic protection system is recognized as an effective method of preventing corrosion of ballast tanks.

Circle No. 109






Tool Ind., has developed a new patented 2 in 1 gelcoat removal and sanding power tool called the

Marine Shaver 2 in 1 power tool.

Circle No. 110

NCPI NCP NCP Coatings,

NCP Coatings Inc. inc., has intro- duced its new

Optically Active Coating System, known as OACS. The OACS system is designed for a wide array of manu- facturing and inspection applications such as, coating, substrate, or prod- uct integrity cannot be compromised by uneven or flawed coatings.

Circle No. Ill

Restomotive ^

POR-15 can help stop marine rust permanently. The paint-like coating was developed for the automotive industry, where it was effective for marine professionals to begin using

POR-15 in salt-water marine envi- ronments. The results were favorable, and POR-15 therefore offers an entire catalog of rust-fighting products for the marine industry.

Circle No. 112

SeaArk N

SeaArk RAMs utilize jjj^Slfes^j proven existing hull ' ' forms, and modify a very small area to accept a simple but effective attachment system. The result is a vessel that utilizes the best benefits of a rigid hull inflatable, without sacrificing the design or function of the boat. Interior structure, framing and hull plating all remain the same as the standard class vessels.

Circle No. 113

Agfa NDT >

The new

Krautkramer CL400 precision thickness gauge introduced by

Agfa NDT offers advancements in ultrasonic performance and straight- forward operation. Instrument capa- bilities can be extended with option- al A-Scan and programmable data recorder features. The CL 400 dis- plays the thickness value in large easy-to-read digits. It offers ease of operation and versatility.

Circle No. 114 >


Intenslite manu- factures Transit, an escape path lighting system.

It is a system that transmits laser light down a fiber optic rope, giving a continuous strip of green light up to 100 yards long. Transit features

No live electricity in the fibre rope, lightweight, flexible, low power con- sumption, self testing feature, 3 hour back up, ease of installation, maintenance free fiber optic rope.

Circle No. 115


USF Surface

Preparation Group recently released their Trublast

Buyers Guide that outlines the Trublast product line.

Ideally suited for companies with a steady demand for surface prepara- tion, the Trublast Series of blast cleaning equipment is designed for light to medium users that do not require more costly high volume or heavy duty machines. .Circle No. 116


V A C - T R O N equipment has brought vacuum excavations down to size with the introduction of its new E-VAC wet/dry model. E-VAC has six patent pending, provides flexibility and is engineered with the same standards as the entire VAC-TRON

Equipment product line.

Circle No. 117

Staveley >

The Sonic 1000 pg is the latest precision thickness gauge with an A-Scan from

Staveley Instruments for measuring thick- ness, particularly when access is only available from one side. A 5.7 in. hi- bright Electroluminescent A-scan dis- play helps in verifying readings on curved or difficult materials such as iconel and titanium, as well as plastic, glass and composites

Circle No. 118

USF jUfc- zl USF Surface

Preparation Group recently released their

Trublast Buyers Guide that outlines the Trublast product line. Ideally suited for companies with a steady demand for surface preparation, the Trublast Series of blast cleaning equipment is designed for light to medium users that do not require more costly high volume or heavy dutv machines.

Circle No. 119


U.S. Chemical &

Plastics has just announced the launch of a profes- sional abrasives line under the brand name USC Sunmight. USC

Sunmight will offer a complete line of professionally proven abrasives to the PBE industry. USC Sunmight's new film technology provides the user with unmatched performance.

Circle No. 120


NACE International is a professional technical society dedicated to reducing the economic impact of corrosion, promoting public safety, and protecting the environment by advancing the knowledge of corro- sion engineering and science.

NACE has more than 16,000 mem- bers worldwide and offers technical training and certification programs, and sponsors conferences.

Circle No. 121

Tuff-Coat Marine >

Self-proclaimed as the fi»g||iga marine industry's best non-skid protective coat- ing, Tuff Coat Marine is a state-of- the-art, single pack, acrylic/ urethane copolymer, with incredible adhesion, strength, elasticity and durability. Itis water based, has no VOC's is non- flammable, solvent free, chemical resistant and UV stable. The prod- uct can be applied to aluminum fiberglass, steel, wood and concrete.

Circle No. 122 V fs Micro-Surface Micro-Surface Finishing Products, Inc. manufac- tures Micro-Mesh, a cushioned abrasive cloth, liquids, and related products.

The Micro-Mesh Kits are designed for the removal of scratches from acrylic and plastic surfaces. All of the kits contain Micro-Mesh cushioned abrasive, one or both of thepolishing liquids, and easy to follow step by step instructions. ^Circle No. 123

Multi-Hull Ships ' . This book is a compre-

WM i hensive description of ^s&liHii major aspects of naval architecture (hydrostat- ics, stability, resistance and propul- sion in calm water and waves, sea- keeping, controllability, strength, and design) focused specifically on all types of multihulls.This unique and only reference book in English is akin to the 3-volume SNAME's "Principal of Naval Architecture

Circle No. 124 a Q Craft Bearing ^

Craft Split Roller Bearings

JlvSL. are becoming the industry standard in the marine industry. The standard product line is available from 1 7/16 - 32in. The bearing continues to have a success- ful track record in propulsion shaft- ing, deck machinery, mooring winches, fans, conveyors and thrusters.Metric and special design bearings are available upon request.

Made in USA, Lloyds Register Type

Approved & DOD Approved. .Circle No. 125 / 52 March, 2003

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