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Software Solutions meet customers' needs 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Customers are provided with new added-value products and electronic transactions through user friendly links, such as new internet bills of lading pro- cessing, improved service schedules, increased cargo tracking functions, tar- iffs, owned vessels and equipment spec- ifications, press release information and service maps. Registered members can also check on the location of their cargo directly from the same BL processing screen.

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ARL Opens

Hong Kong Branch

ARL Consulting B.V., the Rotterdam headquartered IT firm with Russian developers, has opened a branch in

Hong Kong, Peoples Republic of China.

The new office will enable focus on the Chinese market; in particular provid- ing IT development services to main- land China, Hong Kong and Taiwan companies in the transport and logistics sector.

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Inmarsat Launch New

Fleet Services

Inmarsat has launched the commercial availability of the Fleet F55 and Fleet

F33, incorporating global voice, and a range of fax and data services.

Inmarsat Fleet F55 and F33 are designed to bring the benefits of satellite communications to vessels, which were previously restricted by size and cost of terminal hardware. Maritime informa- tion, such as sea and weather charts, can now be accessed online and updated in real-time. The configuration of the prod- ucts gives the option for two distinct data channels. Currently offering voice, data and email, it is planned to extend the Fleet F33 service in 2004 with the option of a mobile packet data service (MPDS), to enable crew to send imme- diate short burst data with an 'always on' capability at low cost.

LandSea Systems introduced a new maritime high-speed terminal — the TT- 3086A Capsat Fleet55. The latest mem- ber of Thrane & Thrane's Fleet product family, the Capsat Fleet55 is a more compact version of the Capsat Fleet77 terminal. Available from stock, the

Fleet55 provides mariners high-speed and cost effective voice and data com- munications based on either MPDS (Mobile Packet Data Service) protocol with constant online access, or on a 64K

ISDN connection. The new standard

MPDS feature allows the user the abili- ty to be online, all of the time, paying only for the data sent and received rather than paying for the time online.

With its lightweight and compact transceiver and antenna, the Capsat

Fleet55 is quick and easy to install. The tracking antenna is 27 in. high, has a diameter of just 22 in., and weighs 39 lbs.

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Maritime Reporter & Engineering News

Crane Load Measurement

And Monitoring Systems the highest quality load monitoring and measurement systems for all types of Cranes

Product Modeling - Structure - Outfitting - Piping - Automatic Nesting

ShipConstructor 3D Product Modeling in AutoCAD easy as 2D Drafting

Scales from a single user to a hundred users



N^^ng kudffcre wireless and cabled systems for standard & custom applications imesLMS imesgroupbusiness, for further details: usa toll free: 888-998-3787 tel: 909-626-8316 fax:909-626-8326

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Fairing - Lofting - Plate Expansion - Shell Expansion - NC Processing

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