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chamber as pilot fuel. For minimum emissions, the vessels will run on LNG, but should the vessels move away from an area where gas can be bunkered, the engines can operate on diesel fuel.

LNG is contained in stainless steel.

Triple Delivery for FBM

Babcock Marine

A trio of 88.5-ft. (27-m) patrol ves- sels being built by Southampton based

FBM Babcock Marine Ltd. have arrived in the Port of Southampton on the back of a heavy lift mother ship. At press time, the trio was scheduled to undergo final testing prior to delivery.

The vessels are part of a six-vessel fleet designed by FBM Babcock

Marine and built in their shipyards in

Scotland and the Philippines for SMIT

International (Scotland) Ltd.

I •

The vessels will be used by SMIT

International (Scotland) for training military aircrew in marine survival techniques, helicopter winching drills and general marine support tasks, as part of a Public Private Partnership

Program awarded by the U.K. MOD.

The vessels are an adaptation of

FBM Babcock Marine's 27-m patrol vessel. Their design includes an aft docking well for a RIB or for torpedo recovery, a full width stern training platform and clear deck areas for heli- copter winching drills. Comprised of aluminum, the vessels are powered by twin engines to propellers and an addi- tional center-line engine to waterjet.

The addition of the waterjet allows the vessels to operate economically at slow speed for long periods of time, while also providing outstanding maneuver- ability. Accommodation is provided for six crew.

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Main Particulars - Air Crew Training Vessels

Customer SMIT International (Scotland)

Length, (o.a.) 91 ft. (27.8 m)

Length, (w.l.) 79 ft. (24m)

Beam 22 ft. (6.7 m)

Draft 5.5 ft. (1.7 m)

Hull construction Aluminum alloy

Superstructure Aluminum alloy

Propulsion .2 * diesel engine to propeller

I * diesel engine to waterjet

Speed Up to 22 knots

Range 650 n.m.

June 2003 horizontal tank protectively located in the middle of the vessel. It comprises an inner and outer chamber, and employs a gap of 300-mm between the two, main- tained under a high vacuum to insulate the LNG at minus 162-degrees

Centigrade from the surroundings. The liquid gas is vaporized for delivery to the engines at about 20-degrees C and 5- bar pressure.

The endorsement of such a system through these bold investments can be expected to stimulate interest in the uptake of the technology across a broad- er front in the shipping industry.

The Fleet55 TT-3086A is the latest Inmarsat technology providing secure, reliable high speed 64K, voice, fax, data, internet and intranet connectivity. The new Fleet55 is truly a mobile office at sea, offering a communications solution to anywhere in the world.

Online, all the time with MPDS

Cost Effective Mini-M Voice 4

TT-3008F Antenna: 18 kg.

STUIII I STE Compatible

ISDN (64kbps)

Communicate with us.

Fie e t ^aTaW ixOil- fei^W SIDMSJj

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Smart Pneumatic Level

Sensor with Generic 4-20mA Output

The Bubbler is an electro-pneumatic level trans- mitter that allows remote level measurement using a 4-20mA analog output. The lack of air pressure poses no operational problems, due to an auto- matic one-way valve which closes as soon as the pressure drops below 1 bar, this prevents back flow in the bubbling line towards the transmitter.

Over pressure is also protected against by an automatic one-way valve. • It's the size of a grapefruit • Explosion proof housing • Accuracy .3% full scale • Automatic over-pressure valve • Automatic stop valve for air failure • Automatic cleaning of bubbling line • Connection for pressurized tanks • 2 pair 24 VDC and 4-20mA cable • Top or side mount

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