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The Naval

Arch i tectural

Package is a com- puter-aided engi- neering system for tasks such as, ini- tial and basic design work for a ship project, comprising definition of the hull form, superstructures bulk- heads and decks; naval architectural calculations such as, hydrostatistics, stability levers, tank volumes, capac- ities, sounding and ullage tables.

Circle 101


The new release of the Internet-based "ZZZ ... service —» contains an improved user interface making it easier for ship designers to search for and find suppliers' product informa- tion. Service Pack 3 of the Tribon

M2 Shipbuilding system includes improved production information in the assembly and weld planning applications and new functions. . Circle 102

V y

Nupas- >


Nupas-Cadmatic is a joint venture of

Cadmatic Oy and Numeriek

Centrum Groningen B.V. By com- bining their resources the compa- nies have created a solution that exceeds the level of traditional soft- ware offered to the market. It is a new generation of open software for hull, machinery & piping, outfit- ting and interior design, engineer- ing and producing a variety of pro- duction information as well. ^Circle 103 y




Systems (IVS), provider of 3D visualization and analysis soft- ware, has released new applications and improvements to their existing software suite consisting of

AvgGridder, DMagic, Fledermaus,

PFMDirect and 3DEditor (area based editing).

Circle 104


Albacore Research develops

ShipConstructor, an

AutoCAD based product-modeling tool for ships and offshore structures of all sizes. ShipConstructor inte- grates functions for External Curved

Plate Production, Internal Structure,

Piping, HVAC, Nesting and NC

Processing with a central database that can be tied to purchasing and planning.

Circle No. 105


With Nera ¥77, ships at sea will £5T "1 ~^ have at their com- mand the commu- nications tools associated with everyday business on land. Nera 77 terminal uses the world's first global maritime mobile

Packet Data Service which gives a ship online access to a whole range of applications like the internet and e-mail. k Circle 106



Workshop is a

Windows-based soft- ware product that enables engineers to craft three-dimensional models and manufacturing drawings. The product allows total editing control of native and imported geometry, excellent support for complex sur- facing and an easy to use approach to both two-dimensional drawing and three-dimensional modeling.

Circle 107


AeroHydro, Inc. of

Southwest Harbor,

Maine, is a pioneer in the field of Computer

Aided Design (CAD) for boats and ships, and has served the needs of the marine industry for over 25 years. More than 500 designers and builders worldwide use Aero Hydro's computerized 3D and marine design software as an integral tool in their daily business.

Circle 108


REFMAN is a computer based refit/repair management system. REFMAN consists of three software modules; specification gen- erator, cost control for recording, analyzing and reporting on the cost of jobs and shipboard defect record- ing for recording defects.

Circle No. 109

Harbormaster ^


Marine, Inc., (HMI) is a United States manufacturer of heavy-duty Marine

Outboard Drive

Propulsion Systems and Tunnel (Bow) Thrusters. Harbormaster developed the first heavy-duty marine outboard drives more than 50 years ago. They have propelled everything from landing craft to ferry boats to coal barges.

Circle 110 >


Aalborg Industries produces marine boilers, burners, heat exchangers and inert gas systems. They recently unveiled New MISSION™ boiler

With the oil-fired MISSION™ OB boiler ready for launch at Nor-

Shipping 2003, the R&D engineer- ing team of the Aalborg Industries'

Group has applied the bottom-fired concept. Hence the type designation

OB = Oil-fired and Bottom.

Circle 111

Aura Marine ^

Aura Marine Ltd.

Designs and manu- factures auxiliary systems such as oil fuel supply units, cooling water lubri- cation oil units as well as catalytic converter systems for power stations and marine industries.

Serial production economies of scale and high quality tailored manufactur- ing are combined in Auramarine products.

Circle 112 f Walterscheid> | WALFORMplus is a positive tube fitting system 1 that consists of

Bj» ^^ just three compo- | nents. The mechanically reshaped tube end is positively connected by a con- ventional DIN fitting body and a

DIN nut, the only possible leakage path being sealed off by an elastomer ring.

Circle 113

Telesea >

TeleSea has debuted its line of high-speed offerings from

Wheat Wireless

Services, Inc. Their communication net- work provides broadband service for mariners traveling within 30 miles of the coast. TeleSea's technology can provide the maritime community with internet capabilities at sea with greater speeds and a higher overall performance.

Circle 114 /

Computer A



Dynamics has introduced the new Survivor WildCat, which is a 15 in. sunlight-readable, corrosion- resistant computer that is designed for use in the harshest industrial environments. It is designed for unparalleled computing and features a 1GHz Intel Pentium III with up to 512M SDRAM, a 40 gigabyte hard drive, Compact Flash and ATA.

Circel 115

Boat Life \

Boat Life manu- factures products including, but not limited to, adhe- sives, sealants, epoxies, cleaners and waxes to meet the needs of our customers. Based upon a foundation of honesty and integrity, we provide profitable solutions to our customers' problems through teamwork, inno- vation and mutual respect.

Circle 116

Globalstar >

Globalstar USA provides sales and rentals of

Globalstar voice and data satellite phone equipment and services to customers through- out the United States and the

Caribbean. Globalstar USA was one of the first providers to offer

Globalstar satellite phone service, launching commercial service

February 2000.

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Marcor Remediation,

Inc. (MARCOR) is a specialty contracting firm that provides a full range of environmental contracting services, nationwide worked to overhaul the

USS Enterprise before its deployment to Iraq. MARCOR is also working on the USS Ronald Reagan which is being built by Northrop Grumman

Newport News

Circle 118 behind the scenes



Mobile is a water- proof, shock-resist- ant (military test- ed), video communication unit with a high intensity industrial display protected by an anti-mirroring metal steam-plated screen. It runs through satellitephone, VSAT, ISDN, IMUX, leased line etc. and is based on an industrial PC. The SCOTTY Mobile is truly an all-in-one unit.

Circle 119 402010 Pump Unit

NLB >s

NLB 4020ID pump unit provides up to 40,000 psi (2,800 bar) of water jetting pressure to NLB's automated

Crawler, to quickly remove coatings and rust (even barnacles) from ships.

Vacuum recovery included. Rugged, reliable pump has flow of just 6 gpm (23 lpm).

Circle 120

Guascor > | Guascor has been [working for over [ 30 years in the i manufacturing of

I diesel engines for

I propulsion and

I auxiliary applica- tions as well as generation and cogeneration systems with diesel and gas engines. They are certified by

Lloyds Register Classification


Circle 121

Majifletotanf UPC > • • •• ' --=g UPC's Marine Guard

Floating Monopile jrf^K^fe Donut Fenders provide ^^ a fendering system to meet various docking situations. Marine

Guard Fenders are constructed with the same materials as the foam-filled fenders and buoys. Marine Guard fenders skin are composed of a thick protective polyurethane elastomeric skin material.

Circle 122 f Kiene >

KIM*? Kiene K-Series

Cylinder pressure indi- rgn cators provide a simple ^gjfjg reliable way to measure diesel engine combus- tion pressures. This is done to improve engine perform- ance, reliability and economy. Kiene also manufactures a complete line of indicator valves. These valves are installed in diesel engines to allow access for combustion pressure meas- urements. .Circle 123 y f General - Thermodynamics

The BMEP Engine

Cylinder Balancer Model 300-A allows you to improve fuel efficiency, maximize developed power, and reduce mainte- nance costs by balancing the load car- ried by each of your engine's cylin- ders. If you spend $3,000 per day on fuel and reduce that amount by only 1%, you will save enough to purchase the BMEP Engine Cylinder Balancer in only 30 days! .Circle 124 , v*;



DOC (Diesel Donaldson Oxidation

Catalyst) muf- fler is a new retrofit solution that reduces diesel engine emissions. The

DOC muffler is a direct replacement for most Original Equipment muf- flers and meets the requirements of the U.S. Environmental Agency (EPA) and California Air Resources

Board (CARB).

Circle 125

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