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Products m C AMBRIIJGE CAS \ Cambridge


Systems Inc. (CAS) has provided

HFO Viscosity Control systems to the Marine and Power Industries since its formation in 1984. In

May, CAS released its latest version of ViscoFuel 2000 software that offers new and enhanced features such as: self-cleaning operation; viscosity displayed in units of SSU as well as cSt and cP

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Diagomar Plus was developed by

Lubmarine in cooperation with

Intertek Testing

Services (ITS)

Caleb Brett, who are recognized by major ports as a leader in the inspection and testing of lube oils, fuels, petroleum prod- ucts and chemicals.

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DynaBrade, Inc. has introduced a new line of air- powered Die

Grinders. The straight-line tools are excellent for use in applications where heavy-duty metal removal and grinding is need- ed. The 1 HP Die Grinders are available in both standard and exten- sion models. The extension models are ideal for applications where a longer reach is desired.

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The Gorgonz brand was created to pick up where the EarGrips brand left off. This new brand focuses on the home improvement, hardware, farm and fleet and uniform markets. Like

EarGrips, the Gorgonz product line will provide the behind the head design ear warmer adding new styles and fabrics, gloves that are uniquely designed for warm and cold weather and a hat that keeps your head cool. ^Circle 104


Holmatro Industrial

Equipment is a

Dutch manufacturer of industrial high- pressure hydraulic equipment with manufacturing plants in the

Netherlands, U.S. and Poland. The

Holmatro products consist of a wide range of lifting, bending, pulling, cutting and spreading equipment, hydraulic as well as mechanical and pneumatic equipment. yCfrcle 105

Kaeser ^jnh Kaeser's Omega- flQWi paK rotary lobe w* vacuum systems offer high-effi- ciency, heavy-duty construction and low noise levels at a very competitive price. Vacuum packages are avail- able with full size enclosures or com- pact clamshell "Vac-paKs". These packages are perfect for dust collec- tion and "blow off," with an indus- try-leading warranty.

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Marine sur- face prepa- ration is featured in

NLB brochure.

Hydroprep system uses ultra-high pressure water jetting to quickly remove old coatings, rust, barna- cles, and more, leaving an excellent surface for recoating. ^Circle 107

Saab ^

Saab has signed an agreement with

Radio Holland

Group for world wide distribution and service for the

SOLAS class A


TransponderTech markets its prod- ucts for land based applications directly. Saab has decided to spon- sor the Volvo Baltic race and

Accenture Gotland Runt.

Circle 108 transponders.


Southco has introduced the newest addition to its popular Ml latch family: the flush-turn compression latch. This new latch is designed for outdoor marine applications, as well as any application requiring a sealed com- pression latch with a flush panel sur- face. The latch features the same styling and operation as the Ml latch

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Vetus Den Ouden>

Vetus Den Ouden has introduced its Bullflex fl|BB||| Flexible Couplings.

These couplings pro- vide power delivery between a boat's engine and shaft, while reducing vibrations at all speeds. Their safety and mounting versatility are unequaled, too. Vetus Bullflex

Flexible Couplings have been spe- cially designed to soak up annoying vibrations.

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Jet Dock


Management Systems, are patented, modular, drive-on dry docking sys- tems designed for fast docking, launching, repairing, and mainte- nance of all types of vessels. The drive-on docking systems and plat- form systems are used around the world for private, corporate, and mil- itary purposes. ^Circle 111

Cole Hersee ^

The Cole Hersee

Company offers its newly patented, innovative Digital

Signal Rocker (DSRocker) Switch for marine applica- tions. The DSRocker is the first rock- er switch designed to meet current electronic circuitry specifications.

The DSRocker was issued a patent number by the US Patent and

Trademark office.

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Inc. has announced a new and imporved website. Their redesigned website features an easy-to-navigate online catalog as well as a simple to use online quotation request. Visit our updated website to view the exten- sive products we offer along with the four NEW product lines Trim-Lok has just released. ^Circle 113

Cass Polymers >

Cass Polymers has announced the updated release of its two most popular catalogs: the Repair & Tooling Guide and the ADTECH Marine Systems

Guide. A staple resource for anyone involved with coatings, adhesives, epoxies, urethanes or tooling planks, this issue is full of solutions to improve performance and reduce time-to-market.

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UPC's Marine

Guard Floating

Monopile Donut

Fenders provide a fendering system to meet various docking situations. Marine Guard

Fenders are constructed with the same materials as the foam-filled fenders and buoys. Marine Guard fenders skin are composed of a thick protective polyurethane elastomeric skin material.

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The MMC Oxygen- sensor tells you the exact depth of the sensor and percent oxygen in the **6' inert gas in each tank.

There's no mess or guesswork. The unit is battery oper- ated, completely portable, with a built-in self-calibrating feature and is approved by BASEEFA as intrinsical- ly safe. Just lock it on an MMC vapor control valve and lower the sensor to the correct ullage level. .Circle 116

McMurdo N

McMurdo Transas


Transponder is designed to meet the

SOLAS require- ments for Universal


Identification Systems. It features a touch-screen LCD minimum display and transmits the ship's data to other vessels as well as shore-based VTS systems. It utilizes VHF channels and is a ship-borne mobile station .

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Lantec >

Lantec has intro- duced the LH

Series Hoist.

Specifically designed for Offshore Cranes, this new hoist series includes more than 10 models to suit nearly any crane.

Features include long-life gearing, improved high-capacity sprag clutch, stable and reliable brake valve, and footprints identical to competitive models for easy field replacement.

Circle 118 7,

Gems >

Gems Sensors intro- duced the all-new

Detector line of

Micropower Impulse

Radar MIR liquid level sensors. Dems Detector MIR sensors, is an affordable radar liquid level sensors are now available in two series: MIR-800 Series sensors fea- ture solid waveguide rods, while the

MIR-900 Series sensors feature fully encapsulated, flexible rods.

Circle 119

Midwest f At Mid-West

Instruments of

Mp Sterling

Heights, Mich., "Custom in Standard." Mid-West's engineers work closely with their firms to customize gauges and switches to meet requirements for optimal installation and perform- ance. To emphasize their confidence in prodcution performance, Mid-

West provides a 5-Year Warranty on all gauge and switch products. .Circle 120 >

Thermo mZm| Electron

R.^^^BThermo Electron ^^^Jj^^Corporation (intro- duces the new TVA-1000B Data

Manager. This product is designed to provide an orderly and concise method of monitoring and tracking

Fugitive Emissions within a facility.

The TVA-1000B Data Manager is a handheld keyboard and display unit that interfaces to the TVA-1000 through existing scanner port.

Circle 121 V y

Wesmar ^

Wesmar's electronic system cycles at 1000 times per sec- ond delivering lightning speed reaction for excep- tional performance. The electronic gyro sends information about roll velocity and acceleration directly to

WESMAR's proportional valves, which react instantaneously to rotate the fins.

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Anderol >

A n d e r o 1 ' s


Synthetic based lubricants provide protection for hydraulic systems operating under extreme tempera- tures and pressure. Anderol manu- factures an expanding and diverse line of synthetic lubricants manufac- tured to meet the requirements and applications of the industry.

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Foamex ^

Reflex Plus polyurethane foam, a new, high-per- formance cushion- ing material for marine applications from Foamex International Inc., pro- vides superior comfort and resiliency along with resistance to objectionable odors and the growth of mold and bacteria. It is protected against micro- biological growth with an FDA- approved anti-microbial agent added during the manufacturing process. .Circle 124

Defelsko N

The PosiTector DPM measures and records climatic parameters including: air temper- ature, surface temperature, relative humidity, dew point temperature and the difference between surface and dew point temperatures. The

PosiTector DPM's data logger mode automatically records up to 1000 data sets at user selected time inter- vals, ideal for unattended operation to record climatic trends. yCircle 125 52 Maritime Reporter & Engineering News

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