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SatCom Report

Inmarsat C ground network and has begun transitioning all of its Inmarsat C services to the company's earth station at

Eik in Norway. As a result of re-engi- neering its network. Telenor has stan- dardized the capabilities of its system. 2000 VERSION making Inmarsat C a seamless, state-of- the-art suite of services, designed for ease-of-use. In addition to basic mes- saging. Telenor's Inmarsat C is a pri- mary communications tool for fleet management. Homeland Security and maritime safety, and Supervisory

Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA). The service provides reli- able data satellite communications for users on land, at sea. and in flight.

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Nera F55 Terminal Gets

Inmarsat Type Approval

Inmarsat granted full type approval to the new Nera F55 maritime communica- tion terminal. Tailored for small to medium-sized vessels, the product com- pletes Nera's family of Inmarsat Fleet communication solutions. "The terminal is authorized for use and is available in all markets where

Inmarsat operates," said Terje Ask

Henriksen, president of Nera SatCom. "The F55 completes Nera's family of

Inmarsat Fleet solutions, which makes "always on" connectivity available to vessels of all sizes, anywhere."

The Nera F55 is designed to be a flex- ible maritime communication solution targeted at the wide range of small and medium-sized vessels, from the coastal fleet and supply ships to coastguard ves- sels and larger yachts. The F55 joins

F77, intended for large ships, and F33, for yachts, fishing boats and other small- er vessels, to complete Nera's full range of Inmarsat Fleet communication solu- tions.

The Nera F55 features voice commu- nication and high quality ISDN connec- tions through a compact unit with low power consumption. It is designed as a plug-and-play solution, tailored to the communication needs of medium-sized vessels. Nera F55 employs the latest

Inmarsat Fleet satellite platform with its unique Mobile Packet Data Service (MPDS) capabilities. With MPDS, the communication system is permanently online, allowing quick and easy down- loads, while users pay only for data transmitted and received.

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The services available with Nera F55 include:

Global service

Voice 4.8 speech (Mini-M voice)

Spot Beam scrvice

Voice 4.8 speech/64 kbps high quality

Data 64 kbps data/56 kbps data

Telefax 64 kbps tax G4/9.6 kbps lax G3

MPDS 4 kbps

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T: +44 (0) 1684 290 020 T: +1 613 727 6277

F: +44 (0) 1684 295 535 F: +1 613 727 1200


W«b: &

EM«5 c , SATCOM F, eet 55

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Kbps, or send faxes at 14.4 kbps- whatever you need to stay in touch on the move. • Supports a comprehensive selection of interfaces - RJ11, RS449, X.21,

Euro ISDN, RS232/PC connection, expansion port to facilitate our unique EMS Fleet 55 bonding capability for 128 kbps operation - option for STUIIB/III. • Supports Inmarsat's popular Mobile

Packet Data Service (MPDS) for cost savings when sending e-mail or small files - provides documented data cost savings in excess of 65%. 1 Extensively tested and evaluated in a variety of demanding markets, including cruise vessels, bulk ships, workboats and a variety of sailing vessels - from luxury yachts to tall-ships and ocean racers.

The most cost-effective high speed data solution available today and the ideal replacement for Inmarsat A.

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