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SatCom Products


EMS Sat-

Com, a divi- sion of EMS

Technologies, entered the maritime market with its pedigree of land-based communication solution expertise. At NorShipping in Oslo earlier this year, the company announced that it has received full

Inmarsat type-approval for its new

Fleet 55 Maritime satellite terminal.

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Globalstar N

Globalstar USA provides sales and tentals of

Globalstar voice • and data satellite phone equipment and services to customers throught the United States and the Caribbean.

Globalstar USA was one of the first providers to offer Globalstar satellite phone service, launching commer- cial service February 2000.

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L a n d S e a


L a n d S e a

Systems has introduced the Capsat

Fleet55. The high-speed terminal provides cost effective voice and data communications based on either MPDS or a 64K ISDN con- nection. The smaller dimensions of the random antenna makes the

Fleet55 suited for yachts, patrol boats and fishing vessels.

Circle 103 •J Nera F55 > Inmarsat has granted full type approval to the new Nera F55 maritime communication terminal.

It is intended for small to medium- sized, vessels completing Nera's fam- ily of Inmarsat Fleet communication solutions. It is designed to be a flex- ible communication solution target- ed at the wide range of small and medium-sized vessels from the coastal fleet and supply ships to coastguard vessels and larger yachts.

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Sea Tel \

The Sea Tel 4003




System (BMCS) provides business- class connectivity for your at-sea communications requirements.

Always-on Internet connectivity at high inbound and outbound speeds.

Circle No. 105

Telesea N

TeleSea has debuted its line of high-speed offer- ings from Wheat

Wireless Services,

Inc. Their com- munication network provides broad- band service for mariners traveling within 30 miles of the coast.

TeleSea's technology can provide the maritime community with internet capabilities at sea with greater speeds and a higher overall performance. yCfrcle 106


The Xantic

Chatcard delivers numerous advan- tages for comapnies and users alike. It can be used for

Inmarsat-A, -B, -M, mini-M and

GAN MultiMedia, making it a cost-efficient solution. Accounting is simpler because users pay in advance. Chatcard can be used without staff and crew needing to interfere with valuable equipment.

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Thrane &


Thrane &

Thrane now offers the TT- 3088A Capsat

Fleet33, a product, which the company dubs the smallest, light- est maritime Fleet terminal ever.

The new terminal completes

Thrane & Thrane's previous introductions of maritime high- speed terminals, the Capsat

Fleet77 and the Capsat Fleet55.

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ECI is a supplier of maritime com- munication equipment. ECI develops, pro- duces and markets maritime com- munication equipment for both radio and satellite communication and for all types of vessels. Products of the well-known ECI-brands:

SAILOR and SKANTI are sold world-wide through distributors and partners.

Circle No. 109

Stratos >

Stratos Fleet 77 is the first in a family of new high band- width, IP enabled

Inmarsat satel- lite systems.

Stratos Fleet

F77 is an integrated service provid- ing a choice of a Mobile Packet

Data, ISDN, PSTN and low cost voice telephony. ^Circle IIP


SeaWave offers two-way Internet e- mail, full-color and text weather fore- casts, vessel tracking and other infor- mation services to private, govern- ment, and commercial vessels. They offer professional worldwide marine communication services at a low cost with proprietary technology and state-of-the-art hardware and soft- ware.

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V y


Telenor Satellite

Services provides mobile data, high- speed data, Internet access, e-mail, fax and voice commu- nications services to the maritime industry. Using the worldwide net- work of Inmarsat satellites and its own network of land earth stations,

Telenor Satellite Services provides services to ships at sea.

Circle 112 iDirect > iDirect

Technologies develops broadband IP

VSAT solutions, iDirects remote ter- minal includes a modem, IP router,

TCP accelerator, GPS interface and

QoS for voice and data, www.idirect-

Circle 113 (MiltOEW


Poseidon is a vendor of maritime training systems located in the

Lofoten Islands, in the Arctic regions of northern Norway. The company has developed over the past 10 years into the world's leading supplier of

PC-based GMDSS networked simu- lators and educational materials.

Circle 114

JetDock >

Jet Dock Watercraft


Systems, are patent- ed, modular, drive-on dry docking systems designed for fast docking, launching, repairing, and mainte- nance of all types of vessels. The drive-on docking systems and plat- form systems are used for private, corporate, and military purposes.

They can be expanded for changing needs and are easy to disassemble and reassemble

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M a r i n


Today's vessels can encounter numerous chal- lenging docking situations in our global marine environments.

UPC's Marine Guard Floating

Monopile Donut Fenders provide an inventive fendering system to meet these challenges.

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Samson N

A jacketed

Dyneema 12- strand braided core offering the highest resistance to abrasion, cut- ting and wear. The fuzzy DPX jacket is a proprietary blend of Dyneema

SK-75 and polyester fiber. This com- bination offers the superior cut resistance and durability inherent to

HMPE fiber coupled with excellent grip on winch drums and the higher resistance to frictional heat inherent to polyester fiber.

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NautiCast >

NautiCast AG is an

AlS-Systems special-

I ist, catering for the maritime and inland waterway industries.

NautiCast offers the

AIS-Transponder, the

X-Pack DS. NautiCast production is

ISO 9001 certified and outsourced to

Siemens AG Austria. The X-Pack DS fully complies with all IMO and

SOLAS regulations.

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Drydocks is dedicated to providing a ship repair service in compliance with the highest standards of quality and reliability, at internationally competi- tive prices. To this end, Dubai

Drydocks has achieved ISO 9001- 2000 Quality Management certifica- tion for its entire operations.

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Ameripack >

The Road

Warriors from

Ameripack are air and water tight transit cases designed and manufactured to pro- vide the most protection in any envi- ronment. Ameripack provides cus- tom foam inserts in various gauges to properly protect your test equip- ment, leak detectors and other sensi- tive contents; lid organizers among other features.

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Lloyd's >


Lloyd's Register's series of world- wide training courses for company security officers (CSOs) and ship security officers (SSOs) has received approval from the U.K. Maritime and Coastguard

Agency (MCA) and the Isle of Man

Marine Administration (IMMA).

Circle 121

GB > f International

HI ^. GB International engineered the

MAX 40

Compactor to pro- vide affordable, rugged, reliable and versatile opera- tion with a simple push-button pneu- matic control for the operator.

Aesthetic in appearance, it can be customized to your specifications, and is available for purchase or lease.

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Sailor >

Sailor UAIS1900 is an integrated system with a 12-channel GPS and built-in VHF. To format the system so that it is operational, only a dis- play system, such as the new

KDU1905, a VHF antenna, a GPS antenna and power needed. The new keyboard display unit has a graphical display. It is easy to use with large buttons and a backlit display. It ful- fills IMO requirements of a manda- tory control and display unit.

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Techcrane ^

Techcrane Global

Corporation pro- vides worldwide sales and service for marine cranes.

Te proudly offers a full arsenal of marine crane CAD drawings and technical data specifications for all visitors

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Frank Mohn AS

Frank >


Frank Mohn

AS supplies submerged cargo pumps to the world tanker market. The company was founded in 1938 and is located outside Bergen in Western

Norway. They offer FRAMO Cargo offloading pumps for FPSO applica- tions. A FRAMO cargo pumping system includes profesional assistance during project evaluation, technical support during engineering.

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