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New Products

Vosta Debuts Universal MK3 Bow

Coupling Installation

It occurs regularly that several dredges are co-operating within a dredge contract and use the same discharge line. To enable coupling of the floating discharge line, it used to be necessary that the bow coupling installations on the dredges were of the same make. With the universal Vosta MK3 bow coupling installation this has changed. Currently dredging contractors work with conventional Vosta installations (MK1 up to MK3) and installations of other manufacturers. With the new universal bow coupling installation it is not only possible to couple a male part of VOSTA make but also male parts of other manufacturers.

To make the compatibility possible, it was needed for Vosta LMG to replace the spring-ring system with a segmented ring system. Just like with the spring-ring the segmented ring can be increased and reduced in diameter size via the use of a hydraulic cylinder. A second cylinder can lock the segments of the segmented ring in place.

Besides the interoperability an additional advan- tage of the segmented ring is that, in respect to conventional systems, the surface which carries the male part is significantly increased. This improvement causes the coupling to be even more robust than before. Apart from placing a new, universal bow coupling installation on Hopper

Dredges, it is also possible to upgrade conventional Vosta MK3 systems. Replacing the ball joint part and making some changes in the hydraulic control easily complete the upgrade. In August 2003, VOSTA LMG delivered the third universal VOSTA

MK3 bow coupling installation. This installation will be assembled onto a 1,500- cu.m. Trailing Suction Hopper Dredge for Vietnamese customer Waterway

Dredging & Construction Company.

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Simrad Offers New TFT

Display Sizes

Simrad launched a new range of LCD monitors in various sizes designed for use across all professional and commer- cial fishing applications. Based on the

Fujitsu TFT MVA Premium technology, these industrialized displays are now available in 15-, 17- 19- and 23-in. ver- sions, with a 10-in. version due soon.

Called the 'CF' range, the displays are designed to offer excellent clarity and enhanced color and image quality.

Improved input options means that each model includes DVI-D input, RGB stan- dard input and Video input. As with

Simrad's Sun View displays, CF displays can be viewed almost anywhere on a vessel, making them easy to position for effective working conditions.

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October 2003

L'Orange Helps Diesel

Engine Reliability

By focusing improving injection tech- nology, L'Orange has made a big contri- bution to optimum engine performance.

Many improvements on conventional injection systems and important new developments of L'Orange, above all the

Common-Rail injection system, helped the large diesel engine to reach better heavy fuel suitability, lower fuel con- ® . i) itm sumption and lower exhaust gas emis- sion values. Thus, engine manufacturers can choose from a wide range of effi- cient L'Orange injection components.

L'Orange has traditionally paid close attention to R&D, and its injection sys- tems reflect this, meeting high standards as far as high-pressure systems, high efficiency, and easy maintenance are concerned. Each is tailor-made for the respective engine.

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Diesel Engine


Digitec is celebrating its 35th year of serving the marine industry worldwide and 20 years since the delivery of its first Dieseltune I system by releasing the latest state-of-the-art Dieseltune IV.

Dieseltune has been completely re- vamped with new hardware and soft- ware, resulting in a powerful system with built-in diagnostics, interactive step-by-step installation instructions and many other new features. Installation as a result is very easy and can be complet- ed any experienced electrician. Other new features include Engine Fault

Diagnosis, Engine Trials comparison.

System self test, new crank angle sen- sors and a new high temperature com- bustion adaptor. With a combustion pressure resolution of 0.06 bar, valve operation and turbo charger perform- ance can be monitored as well as overall condition and performance. Dieseltune

IV has been completed successful trials on 14 ships.

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Transas Installs CM I


The installation by Transas of a multi- million dollar full mission simulator upgrade project is well on its way at the

Caribbean Maritime Institute's (CMI)

Training Center in Kingston. Jamaica.

Financed mainly by the European

Development Fund (EDF) and the

Caribbean Development Band (CDB), the simulator project is implemented by

Transas and comprises its Navi-Trainer

Professional 4000 navigational bridge with seven channels of visual display and the potential to expand that number to nine channels; Engine Room

Simulator. ERS 3000; Liquid Cargo

Handling Simulator (LCHS), and

GMDSS simulator, TGS 4100. As the most technologically advanced training facility in the Caribbean region, the sim- ulator is designed to meet the needs of the modern marine industry in compli- ance with the STCW '95 Convention and includes training programmes for

GMDSS, LCHS, Navigation, Ship-han- dling, Watch-keeping, Bridge Team

Management. Pilot Training and others.

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Safety Not Optional

Regulations such as the new SOLAS and Fire Safety Systems Code (FSS Code) are not to be dis- missed, as anything but full compliance can lead to myriad legal and financial troubles for ship owners. Fugro's new and unique geotechnical drill ship D/S Fugro Explorer; ABS-Classed, was one of the first such ships to comply with the new SOLAS requirements, now in force, for Type

Approved Portable Foam Applicator (PFA) and Emergency Escape Breathing Apparatus (EEBD).

To facilitate compliance for such mandatory equipment and enhance the ship owner's confi- dence, ABS has designed its Type Approval Program website to provide the ship owner with instant access to a variety of products requested by manufacturers to be approved against

SOLAS and other relevant standards. The ship owner can quickly download a .pdf format copy of the manufacturer's Type Approval Certificate showing the itemized SOLAS, FSS Code regula- tions along with class and government approvals. In addition, ABS Type Approval requires a man- ufacturing annual audit to verify that the manufacturer is capable of producing a consistent prod- uct of form, fit and function meeting the design standard and Product Design Assessment

Certificate. When all is satisfactory, a Type Approval certificate may be downloaded from the web site. Please see,

One such ABS Type Approved Manufacturer of Portable Foam Applicators (PFA-95) is IMSSC0

Corporation, Hallandale Florida & San Diego Calif. Captain Ira. Richman, CEO said, "The days of just manufacturing our PFA-95 portable foam applicators to comply are over. Now, we not only sell our fire fighting equipment to the ship and 0SV owners, but provide copies of the new SOLAS and FSS Code rules, guidance and hands on training, all at the same price. It is a cost saver to the ship owners and promotes professionalism with confidence to the maritime business com- munity."

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