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Maritime Security per violation for failure to comply with

MTSA mandates: • Vessel and Port Security Assessment by July 1, 2004 • Vessel and Port Security Plan by July 1,2004 • Designation of a Company Security

Officer (CSO) by July 1, 2004 • Designation of a Vessel Security

Officer (VSO) by July 1, 2004 • Designation of a Facility Security

Officer (FSO) by July 1,2004

A recent survey of a major U.S. port facility has shown that approximately 70 to 80 percent of maritime owners and operators are not yet in compliance with the mandates. The most likely reason for this seems to be due to the fact that these

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Circle 273 on Reader Service Card 22 new regulations are a source of confu- sion and frustration to many.

What can maritime owners and opera- tors do to be in compliance with the seeming myriad of regulations? More importantly, what can they do to prevent their personnel and facilities from becoming a victim of criminal or terror- ist activity? 1. Be proactive! Owners and operators need to develop a proactive security posture and develop this type of mindset in every member of the organization.

Don't wait for something bad to happen before taking measures to correct the problem. Identify the gaps and take immediate measures to correct them. 2. Seek the services of an outside- sourced security consultant and request a security assessment. A consultant from outside of your organization can serve as an "agent for change". The security con- sultant hired to perform the assessment should have a solid working knowledge of the maritime industry as well as a strong foundation in all aspects of secu- rity. A consultant with military special operations, intelligence, or law enforce- ment experience in counter-terrorism will greatly assist in identifying security program challenges. 3. Maritime owners and operators should modify their current security plan or implement a new security plan based on the results of the security assessment. New systems should be rehearsed and tested periodically to ensure their effectiveness.

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About the Author

Duke Speed is the Director of

Operations for Tactical Services Group

International (TSGI). He is a 20-year veteran (retired) of the U.S. Marine

Corps Force Reconnaissance communi- ty, and a federally certified counter-ter- rorism instructor for the Department of

Homeland Security. Tactical Services

Group International has partnered with

Solutions Group International (SGI) to provide a variety of security-related services to the maritime industry. More information can be obtained by visiting www. TacticalServicesGroup. com.

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