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Not all surprises are welcome

HCV Mobile (3.8 MeV) CAB 2000 (2.5 MeV) APD2000 BIO-SEEQ SABRE 2000 I0NSCAN 400

X-Ray inspection of fully-loaded containers and trucks; penetration of up to 300 mm of steel

Economical, transportable solution for X-Ray inspection of lighter container loads; penetration of up to 160 mm of steel

Hand-held Chemical

Warfare Agent and

Radiation Detector

Hand-held, Portable

PCR-based Biological

Agent Detector

Portable Detector for Explosives,

Chemical Warfare

Agents and Narcotics

Desktop Explosives and Narcotics Detector

Security solutions for container inspection. Know what's in your bo

Every box presents a challenge. What's really in there? Is it legitimate cargo? Or are there concealed weapons, WMD's, explosives or narcotics? Smiths Detection technologies can help you find out what's in your containers and shipments before you employ time consuming, potentially hazardous and costly physical inspections.

Smiths Detection is proud to offer you the most advanced and comprehensive security detection solutions that utilize powerful X-Ray systems and trusted trace detection technology to help you identify these threats.

Combining our more than 50 years of experience in the security screening industry with your knowledge, together we can help prevent threatening items from reaching their destination with minimal impact on the flow of commerce. Circle 295 on Reader Service Card

For further information, contact Susan Cooper at 1 973 830 2131 or email smith!

Smiths Detection

Practice of the patented polymerase chain reaction (PCR) process requires a license. The Bio-Seeq Thermal Cycler is an Authorized Thermal Cycler and may be used with PCR licenses available from Applied BioSystems. Its use with Authorized Reagents also provides a limited PCR license in accordance with the label rights accompanying such reage

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