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Introducing the WaveCall 4003. Business level connectivity wherever you cruise.

Tired of waiting for dial up or downloads at sea? Imagine Internet connectivity offshore the same as you get on shore - always on, lightning fast and multiple users, f Just one meter in size, the WaveCall 4003 gives you blazingly fast inbound and outbound speeds for downloading large files, streaming video, voice, video teleconferencing or simply surfing the web at will. • With coverage from

Airtime Cost Comparison North to South America, Northern Europe to the Med, and soon in the

Far East, the 4003 also is the most cost efficient. Perfect for business.

Perfect for family and crew. Perfect, •#• The WaveCall 4003 from the name you trust, Sea Tel. Affordable broadband

Compact and rugged, the 4003 stands up to all conditions.

WaveCall Inmarsat 4003 77' B*

Download speed 512 kbps 64 kbps 64 kbps 1 GB file download 256 min 2,080 min 2,080 min

Cost/MB S1 S16.53 ISDN '36.00 MPOS '18.60 (!9.00/min)

Cost/GB •1,000 '16,640ISON s36,000 MPOS '18,720 4.15.03. 1 Souioe: KVH website 2 Source: Delta Communications webste Intemet-at-Sea in a compact dome. Work without the wait.


Look to the leader. Look to Sea Tel.

Sea Tel, Inc. 925.798.7979 t 4 Sea Tel Europe 44 (0) 2380 671155

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