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Leading Off „Unser Papa baut hier megaschone Yachten." ThyssenKrupp ^

ABOVE: Blohm + Voss in Hamburg Germany will feature this banner on the side of its Dock 11 facing the Elbe River. Measuring 180 x 11 m, the poster features brothers Cederic (11 years old) and Leon (9 years old) - sons of the master welder Boris Deutschmann. The translation: "Here our dad constructs mega-beautiful yachts" 60 Years Ago Maritime Meanings

Squeegee The familiar rubber-edged "broom" used for sweeping water from windows, vehicle windscreens, and the like, after they have been washed. Originally a nautical word, with the variation "squilgee;" it referred to the swab used for washing and cleaning the decks, and is a corrup- tion of "squeege;" which itself is a colloquialism for "squeeze."

Source: An Ocean of Words: A Dictionary of Nautical Words and Phrases, by Peter D. Jeans; Birch Lane Press , 1998







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French Dagger

Christened Dague, meaning "dagger" in French, by Mrs Henri de Lageneste, wife of the Chicago representative of the French Liberation

Committee, the submarine chaser W-13 is shown crashing into ice filled Sturgeon Bay from the ways of the Leathern D. Smith Shipbuilding company, on the cover of Maritime Activity

Report's March 2, 1944 edition, 60 years ago.

Dague was the second of three sub chasers the

Smith Yard built for the Free French Government.

The ships were identical to the American ves- sels, save one detail ... the French ships had accommodations for wine casks.

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