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Great Ships of 2004

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Great Ships of 2004

Ship Name Methane Kari-Elin

Ship Type LNG Carrier

Ship Owner British Gas

Ship Builder Samsung Heavy


Methane Kari-Elin is an oceangoing, single-screw steam turbine driven and suitable for the transportation of LNG under approximately atmospheric pres- sure at a temperature of -163°C with an operational life of at least 25 years. It has a continuous upper deck with aft sunken deck, a raked stem with bulbous bow, and a transom stern. The hull form, overall propulsion and power generation systems are designed for maximum propulsive efficiency and fuel economy.

Accommodations including navigation bridge are located after part and under trunk deck passageways are provided port and starboard for access over the cargo tank length of the vessel.

The aft body of the ship with transom stern is used for the steering gear com- partment, fresh water tank, distilled waters tanks, aft peak ballast tank and conventional rudder. The engine room is arranged to accommodate the main propulsion machinery, sufficient plat- form decks for the auxiliary machinery, engine control room, workshop and stores. The cargo area is of double decks, double hull, and cofferdams which are located at forward and after part of cargo area and between cargo tanks with double bottom construction, and consist of four center cargo tanks with the liquid domes and the gas pipe by GTT MARK-III cargo containment system for the carriage of LNG cargoes at cryogenic temperature (-163°C) and atmospheric pressure, and six pairs of wing and double bottom water ballast tanks. Fore peak tank for water ballast, forward water ballast tanks (P&S), fuel oil tank (C), fuel oil pump room, chain lockers, bow thruster room, emergency fire pump room and bosun store with rope stowage space are arranged at fore body. Two sets of jib cranes are provid- ed after part of cargo manifold pipe lines near the midship for handling of mani- fold and fittings with spares in a deck store. One combined foldable signal and radar mast on the top of wheelhouse to meet air draught requirement and one fore mast are fitted.

Main Particulars

Flag Bermuda

Class Lloyd's Register of Shipping

Length, (o.a) ' 914.6 ft. (278.8 m)

Length, (b.p.) 872.7 ft. (266 m)

Breadth, (molded) 139.8 ft. (42.6 m)

Depth, (molded) 85.3 ft. (26 m)

Draft, (designed) 37.2 ft. (11.4 m)

Draft, (scantling) 39.4 ft. (12 m)

GT 93,410

DWT, (at design draft) 68,25

DWT, (at scantling draft) 74.000

Speed 20.1 knots

Accommodation 36 persons + 6 Crew

Main enginesCross compound impulse steam turbine

Total installed power 39.500 shp (29.044 kW)

Propellers FPP Dia. 8.25 m

Bow Thnisters lx 2.500 kW

Generators 1 x diesel-driven x 3.450 kW and 2 x steam turbine x 3,450 kW

Reduction gears Kawasaki Integrated in main steam turbine

Deck machinery Self-contained, high pressure, electro-hydr. type

Bearings Self-aligned roller bearing

Cargo pumps 8 x 1,700 cu. m./hr x 155 mlc

Cargo control system .. .Kongsberg Simrad, PS-400

Ballast control system . .Kongsberg Simrad. PS-400

Radars Kongsberg Norcontrol. DB 1028

Depth Sounders .. .Kongsberg Norcontrol. GDS-101

Radios Kongsberg Norcontrol. HC4500

Auto Pilot Kongsberg Norcontrol. AP 2000

GPS Kongsberg Norcontrol. MX412B

GMDSS ... .Kongsberg Norcontrol. GMDSS 4000

AIS Kongsberg Norcontrol. -

Weatherfax Kongsberg Norcontrol, FAX-214

Plotters ... .Kongsberg Norcontrol, SEAMAP1021

SatComl x SAT-B. 2 x SAT-C. Kongsberg Norcontrol.

Satern Bm MK2, H2095C

Boilers Kawasaki. UME 65/ 50, 2 x 65 tons/hr

Mooring equipment2-Windlass. 7-Mooring winch, 20-

Mooring drum

Fire extinguishing systems .High pressure C02, Dry powder. Sea water & Fresh water

Fire detection systemConsilium Marine As, CS-3000

Motor starters ABB

Tank Capacities* 100 percent full) .. .138,200 cu. m.

Ship Name Muscat LNG

Ship Type LNG Carrier

Ship Owner Oasis LNG Carrier S.A.

Ship Builder Kawasaki Shipbuilding Corporation

Kawasaki Shipbuilding Corporation has delivered Muscat

LNG, an LNG carrier with a cargo capacity of 145.000 cu. m.

LNG, to Oasis LNG Carrier S.A. of Panama.

The carrier is the second of the 145,000m3 type developed by Kawasaki and designed with the 10,0(X)m3 larger capacity than the conventional 135,OOOm3 type carrier, although the ship dimensions are almost the same as the conventional type.

Therefore, the carrier can visit many LNG terminal ports worldwide. Four LNG cargo tanks of independent spherical

MOSS type are provided. The heat insulation is the Kawasaki panel system, which has a high heat insulation effect. The boil-off gas rate is maintained at aboutO. 15% per day by the system. The cargo tanks are installed inside the compartment built with double side shells and double bottom to ensure safe- ty so that the cargo tanks are not damaged directly

The wheel-house is equipped with the advanced integrated navigation equipment, which has improved ship operation tasks. Windows around the wheel-house provide a panoramic view of 360 degrees, allowing one-man operation during ocean-going navigation. Cargo-handling operation is carried out at the cargo-handling room located in front of the accom- modation quarters, where the Kawasaki IMCS (integrated

Management Control System) is installed for monitoring and control of cargo handling operation as well as monitoring engine conditions. The IMCS is very easy to use since it was developed by incorporating experience and opinions from many operators.

Main particulars

L (o.a.) x L (b.p.) x B x D x d: 289.50m x 277.00m x 49.00m x 27.00m x 11,90m

DWT/GT 77,35It/118,219t

Cargo tank capacity 145,494m3

Main engine Kawasaki UA-400 steam turbine xl unit

MCR 26,900kW at 80 rpm

Speed, service approx 19.5kt

Complement 45

Classification NK

Completion April 12, 2004

Ship Name Everest Spirit

Ship Type Oil Carrier

Ship Owner Teekay Shipping

Ship Builder DSME

Everest Spirit is an aframax crude oil carrier constructed by DSME, Okpo shipyard for Teekay Shipping Ltd. under the survey of Lloyd's Register of

Shipping. The vessel was designed with three (3) longitudinal bulkheads includ- ing one (1) centerline bulkhead and transverse bulkheads to have six (6) pairs of cargo tanks, two slop tanks and wing and double bottom water ballast tanks for water ballast.

In careful consideration of the envi- ronmental protection, the heavy fuel oil storage tanks having a capacity of 3,000 cu. m. in engine room area were pro- tected by the double hull structure.

The vessel has designed and built to meet the classification notations of : +100A1, "Double Hull Oil Tanker",

ESP, ShipRight(SDA, FDA, CM), LI, +LMC, UMS, IGS, *IWS, SPM with the descriptive notes of "PtHt, ETA,

COW". The vessel has a continuous upper deck without forecastle, a raked stem with bulbous bow, a transom stern, a semi-balanced rudder and a fixed pitch propeller directly driven by a

B&W 7S60MC engine with MCR out- put of 19,460 PS at 105 rpm. Design fatigue life of 30 years was applied for the longitudinal stiffener's end correc- tions to transverse webs/bulkheads in cargo area according to the requirement of LR FDA level II and all main longi- tudinal material in cargo area were suit- ably scarfed fore and after to ensure that all loads are transferred effectively.

The vessel is capable of carrying and handing three (3) grade of crude oil simultaneously with double valve seg- regation and ballast piping system in the water ballast tank consist of glass rein- forced plastic (GRP). The cargo and ballast system is controlled by the con- ventional central control console at sep- arate cargo control room. Electric power generating plants is consist of three(3) diesel generators and one( 1) emergency generator. Exhaust gas emis- sion from the main engine and aux. engine complied with the IMO NOx limit. 20 Maritime Reporter & Engineering News

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