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Read this page in Pdf, Flash or Html5 edition of March 2013 Maritime Reporter Magazine 31With nearly a century?s marine paint and coating experience, Hempel can always provide the protection you need to keep business moving. We believe in working closely with you to under- stand your speci À c challenges. This enables us to supply a solution that not only keeps your vessel in prime condition, but that also makes sound À nancial sense. Take the 60-second test and discover the product that best suits your needs at Proven performance. Dependable value. Typ 08 - Wave - 152x241.indd 12013-01-30 15:31:47related to improved efÞ ciency, which given the high cost of fuel, can have major beneÞ ts for owners and operators. In fact, one reason we have been so ag-gressively promoting and research new green technology is because it allows owners to reduce fuel costs and comply with environmental regulations at the same time. Even with environmental regulation however, we work very hard to keep costs for shipowners to a minimal. Our PrimeShip-GREEN/EEOI service, is a free web-based software tool for helping owners calculate and track their vessels efÞ ciency and performance that is used by more than 1,500 ships. Nevertheless, compliance with some new regulations such as the Ballast Wa- ter Management Convention do present signiÞ cant costs to owners. In the case of the containerized Ballast Water Manage- ment System project,, which was carried out as part of the Joint R&D for Industry program, this technology helps reduce the time and engineering costs related to BWMS retroÞ ts. Another key tech- nology we have been looking at is the use of 3-D laser scanners to help speed the retroÞ t process. This is a technology that we helped introduce to the maritime industry via a pilot project with several Japanese stakeholders that is now be-coming commonplace throughout the industry. In order to even further reduce the costs related to this technology, we are now also developing new software to more quickly and easily convert the data from 3-D scanners into CAD data usable by most maritime design software.MR #3 (26-33).indd 31MR #3 (26-33).indd 312/26/2013 4:16:27 PM2/26/2013 4:16:27 PM

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