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International +1 713 266 9339 1 800 319 8802 (Toll Free in N. America) repair requirements in Saudi, with ma- jor rig repairs still being carried out in our Bahrain facility. The ability to re- spond with more effi ciency is just one of the advantages of having a branch in

Saudi Arabia, another advantage being the greater variety of jobs the yard will be exposed to. For example, ASRY has been contracted to install fi ber optic ca- bles for a client in Saudi on its offshore rigs, which was an interesting departure from regular repair jobs. ASRY will start with minor repairs and services in Saudi

Arabia with all the larger repairs being covered by its Bahrain facility.

By product, where do you see opportu- nities for ASRY in the next few years. New projects from Saudi Ara- bia will likely include land rig work, with that being a growth area for the

Kingdom, and we are also looking at small sized new build projects in the region. We have already constructed a fl eet of workboats and will be targeted this market more aggressively in 2014.

The Floating Power Plants market will continued to be focused on, as we have built two barges for an ASRY-Centrax joint venture product, and are in late stage talks for new contracts. Natural- ly the new regulations for BWTS and

Emissions will gradually become more prevalent in our portfolio, and I expect a signifi cant increase in retrofi ts of fuel treatment systems in the not too distant future.

When you look at the changing shape of repair in the Gulf region, how do you see ASRY’s position in what is be- coming a crowded marketplace? ASRY has three unique quali- ties that separate it from regional yards.

First it has the greatest depth of experi- ence in the region having been opera- tional since 1977. Second our variety of facilities from drydock to fl oating docks, to slipways, to over 4 km of alongside berth space gives our customers fl exibil- ity and choice. We can service any kind of vessel, but more importantly we can service many different types simultane- ously. Third, ASRY is very lucky to be located in Bahrain, not just for its prime geographical location, but because of the country’s business-friendly policies.

Customers are constantly pleased by the speed at which we can import both spare parts and labour to get jobs done ahead of schedule. When days and hours are vi- tal to cost-reduction for our clients, other

Middle East countries can get expensive, but Bahrain has the most advanced setup for ensuring quick turnarounds. ASRY has also built up a portfolio of in-house specialist contractors capable of servic- ing all aspects of the repairs, which is unique in the Middle East, and creates a

One stop shop” effect for customers us- ing the yard.

Can you discuss your outlook for the care and maintenance of U.S. Navy ships (and for that matter, U.S. cargo ships) operating in your region? We have a very good relation- ship with the US Navy, and continue to assist with the fl eet maintenance on a regular basis. We are also supporting the other Navy’s present in the region which has allowed ASRY to become well es- tablished in meeting Navy requirements.

This has been an area of growth recently and we expect further positive develop- ment. Also, US-Flagged merchant ships as well as US-operated ships are regu- larly repaired at ASRY and this will con- tinue to be an important market.

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