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Schottel: Two New Facilities

With an inauguration ceremony Schottel opened new facilities in Houma, La., in October 2013. As an answer to the growing request for new Schottel propulsion systems and the steadily growing popu- lation of drives on the market the German manufac- turer moved from St. Rose, La. to new facilities in

Houma, La. The new premises offer a large adminis- tration area and state of the art service halls equipped with heavy lift cranes especially suitable for large units. SCHOTTEL claims this is a further step to- wards enhanced commitment to the customer.

Powerful Direct Drive

The new Hägglunds

CBM hydraulic motor from Bosch Rexroth, taking over from the

Hägglunds Marathon motor, reportedly packs 50% more torque into a motor that is smaller and up to 50% lighter than its predecessor. Acord- ing to the manufacturer, that gives it the world’s highest torque-to weight ratio. Bosch Rexroth said the Hägglunds CBM not only handles heavier workloads, but also takes up less space and places less weight on the drive shaft.

This means that customer machines, and in some cases the facilities that house them, can be smaller, lighter and simpler.

Bosch Emission Systems Bosch Emission Sys- tems offers a full line of diesel emission systems for on- and off-road applications, including marine and stationary engines.

Bosch’s diesel ex- haust systems include particulate fi lters, oxidation catalysts, selective catalytic reduction systems and other components, and the company offers full sys- tem integration on OEM and retrofi t exhaust appli- cations. Bosch Emission Systems has extensive re- search and development capabilities to develop the right after-treatment system for diesel exhaust ap- plications. Bosch Emission Systems after-treatment technologies can help make marine vessels cleaner and greener and provide an economic advantage.


Clean Marine was selected by

Hyundai Heavy

Industries to sup- ply exhaust gas cleaning systems (EGCS) for a Very

Large Gas Carrier (VLGC) being built for Dorian LPG Ltd. Clean Ma- rine has developed an EGCS based on the Advanced

Vortex Chamber technology that provides unique particulate matter trapping effi ciency. The system’s integrated fan and gas recirculation technology also allows the one EGCS unit to simultaneously serve several combustion units. The system supplied to

Dorian LPG is a hybrid system that allows the ves- sel to operate seamlessly in all types of water (in- cluding low alkaline and saline water) without loss of effi ciency.

ValvTect BioGuard Plus 6

BioGuard Plus 6 is a multifunctional diesel addi- tive that contains a micro-biocide to prevent bac- teria plus six additional components that the maker claims can double fuel fi lter life, stabilize diesel up to two years, lubricate injectors and fuel pumps and clean-up injector deposits to improve power out- put and reduce fuel consumption. This biocide is formulated to prevent bacteria as well as all other diesel fuel related problems. BioGuard Plus 6 is an EPA registered multifunctional biocide that pre- vents bacteria and other biological contamination, plus it provides the following benefi ts: • Lubricates fuel pumps and injectors to prevent pre-mature wear. • Stabilizes diesel fuel up to two years that can dou- ble fuel fi lter life. • Prevents corrosion to protect the entire fuel system. • Disperses moisture to help prevent sludge and ex- tend fuel fi lter life.

Nano Fossil Fuels Technology

As shipping lines and suppliers scramble to meet ex- isting and future pollution regulations, part of MAR-

POL, which sets limits on NOx and SOx emissions.

Nano Fossil Fuels Technology has a simple solution for these emission problems - the Nano Fuels Com- bustion Catalyst. When added to Bunker fuels the catalyst reduces the viscosity of the fuel permitting more effi cient burning. This results in two benefi ts: reduces smoke emissions by up to 75% and reduces fuel consumption by almost 13%. [email protected]

Successful MX-Scrubber Testing

As per December 1, 2013, a closed loop Scrubber installation designed for marine applications has been up and running successfully at the Marine Exhaust Technology test facility in Frederikshavn, Denmark. Thus, Marine

Exhaust Technology becomes the fi rst supplier in Denmark and among the top three suppliers worldwide of

Exhaust Gas Cleaning Systems with operational full scale Scrubber and SCR test facilities, where technology and solutions can be tested and proven under various conditions and in various setups. The ongoing tests at the

Marine Exhaust Technology test facility in Frederikshavn include tests of different combinations of SCR, boiler and Scrubber systems, tests of various process water treatment systems, of monitoring and logging systems as well as of advanced online remote control systems. The test facility features a setup based on a 1MW MAN

Diesel 9L16/24 marine engine connected to a generator and a heat recovery system. The engine is able to run on both Marine Gas Oil and Heavy Fuel Oil. The electricity and heat generated is fed into the public electricity grid and the heat generated is used as heating source for the MAN Diesel & Turbo SE production and R&D center next to the test facility.

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