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Comark’s 15-in. HMI

Comark completed full environmen- tal testing of its new 15-in. Military

HMI, including

MIL-901D Grade A lightweight shock testing. The 15-in.

HMI is a sealed and fanless computer display unit developed for DDG 51 Machinery Control Applications. As with all Co- mark products, this new 15” HMI is designed with the latest technology, including current Core i5 pro- cessors, an LED backlit display, a rugged IR touch- screen, and integrated speaker. Manufactured in the

U.S., the 15” HMI uses long lifespan components to ensure multi-year availability for sustainability in all

Navy applications.

Great Lakes Shipyard

Commissions New Cutting


Great Lakes Shipyard installed a new plas- ma cutting machine, the Plate Pro Extreme 3100. The addition of this cutting table expands the range of services available to its cus- tomers and improves the effi ciency of Great Lakes

Shipyard operations, while also enhancing the quality and precision of the work being produced.

Bringing this capability in-house allows the ship- yard to make more of its own parts without relying on outside vendors or subcontractors. An American made product of Koike Aronson Inc./Ransome, the plasma burn table is an automated dual side drive, plasma cutting machine.

The EcoMod Series LED


The EcoMod LED fl oodlight from Phoenix Prod- ucts offers 150 and 300W models with light outputs of 12,500 and 25,000 lumens, respectively. Avail- able packages range from wide fl ood to narrow spot optics to accommodate any application. The

EcoMod Series utilizes exclusive EcoVent Technol- ogy that extends the life of the fi xture by allowing heat, water,and debris to fl ow between the modules.

Furthermore, the fi xture offers the many benefi ts of

LED technology, including signifi cant maintenance reduction, energy savings and instant-on lighting to reduce downtime. According to the manufacturer, the EcoMod Series uses up to 70% less energy when compared to equivalent HID fl oodlights.

K-Sim DP

The latest version of K-Sim DP, a

Dynamic Position- ing (DP) Maneu- vering simulator from Kongsberg

Maritime received

Class A Certifi ca- tion fromDNV, making it compliant with the high- est DNV standard for DP simulators according to

Standard of Certifi cation of Maritime Simulators number 2.14. K-Sim DP is built on the same tech- nology platform as the K-Sim Offshore (previously known as the Kongsberg Offshore Vessel Simula- tor) and has the power to provide realistic and rel- evant DP training in various simulated conditions and environments. The new K-Sim DP Maneuver- ing simulator is confi gured with a dual redundant

DP system and a 240 degree or wider visual scene.

Lowrance Introduces Elite-4 and Mark-4 HDI Series

Lowrance announced the newest addition to its Elite and Mark family of compact fi shfi nder and chartplotter products, the Elite-4 and

Mark-4 Hybrid Dual Imag- ing (HDI) series. The new

HDI units feature built-in

GPS antenna, high-defi ni- tion mapping options and the Lowrance exclusive Hy- brid Dual Imaging technolo- gy that combines Broadband

Sounder and Downscan Imaging. Replacing previ- ous Lowrance Elite-4 and Mark-4 models, the larg- er and super-bright Elite 4.3-inch color and Mark grayscale displays have 70% more pixels and 36%< more useable screen area.

Iris Launches NightRunner

Camera System

Iris Corporation launched its new

NightRunner Dual

Payload Thermal


Color Camera.

With its ability to provide both high- resolution thermal imaging and full

Pan/Tilt/Zoom daylight color imaging in a single sleek, waterproof housing, NightRunner is suitable for a range of cruising vessels, sailboats and sport- fi shers. At the heart of NightRunner is a Vanadium

Oxide (VOx) 17M pitch, high-resolution thermal core that provides crisp, detailed images to a thermal sensitivity of less than 50mk. According to its manu- facturer NightRunner retails at $4,500 (MSRP).

Jeppesen Simplifi es Routing, Chart Management

NauticalManager from Jeppesen allows mariners to easily plan, generate and document routes using an ECDIS and onboard PC. It also makes it simple to create the reports required by port state control and class auditors for checking a vessel’s ECDIS compliance. NauticalManager eases the bridge-side burden of ENC management by making it simple to order Offi cial ENCs, review the chart portfolio and integrate temporary and preliminary Notices to Mariners, according the manufacturer.

NauticalManager was developed after ECDIS users requested a way to simply or automatically plan routes that are in compliance with the ECDIS mandate. It features automated route planning and chart selection – resulting in better voyage planning and less time spent managing digital information.

Routes are generated from a database containing thousands of waypoints, legs and ports, allowing a mariner to simply edit a recommended route and transfer it straight to an ECDIS. With NauticalMa- nager, users also can create a semi-automatic route from anywhere on a chart.

The NauticalManager software can also integrate supplementary data layers that provide: ENC Notices to Mariners, including daily temporary and preliminary (T&P) notices; DNV-recognized weather information; Accurate piracy overviews; Notifi cation before charts expire; Weekly updates of the entire chart portfolio; and Notifi ca- tion when new charts, weather updates and chart licenses are available

To increase user friendliness, NauticalManager guides mariners through the process of route planning, chart selection and ordering and the downloading of weather forecasts. The solution also comes with instructions on how to keep a chart database up to date and how to export chart licenses to the ECDIS/ECS.

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