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12 Maritime Reporter & Engineering News • MARCH 2014


H yundai Heavy Industries Co., Ltd. (HHI) held a naming ceremony for the world’s fi rst newbuilding LNG fl oating storage regasifi cation unit (LNG FSRU), ordered from

Höegh LNG in June 2011. The 170,000 cu. m.

LNG FSRU, measuring 294 x 46 m with a 26 m depth, with the storage capacity of 70,000 met- ric tons of chilled natural gas. It will be chartered to Lithuania’s Klaipedos Nafta under a long- term contract. The naming ceremony of the LNG

FSRU, Independence held in Ulsan, South Korea was attended by Dalia Grybauskaite, President of

Lithuania; the sponsor of the ship, Leif O. Höegh,

Deputy Chairman of Höegh LNG; and 130 other guests.LNG FSRU receives liquefi ed natural gas from offl oading LNG carriers. The installed re- gasifi cation system provides gas send-out through fl exible risers and pipelines to shore. LNG FSRU take a year less and cost half as much as an on- shore LNG terminal to complete.

Historic LNG

FSRU Named

A “world fi rst” LNG FSRU out of South Korea, and further proof of the infl uence of natural gas.

GranEnergia took delivery of the Compact Semi-Submersible (CSS) Olympia from MAC Offshore.

STXM and partners in CSS Designs Ltd. developed the CSS design over the past fi ve years. Built by

Fujian Mawei Shipbuilding in China, the CSS Olympia is 84.25m long with a capacity for 500 people.

The primary function of the Olympia is to act as a fl oating accommodation unit for rig personnel, and the vessel has a DP-3 rating and will remain connected to an offshore facility via a telescopic gangway system. Other features include a 12.8 ton rated helideck, and a 150MT telescopic boom crane. There are currently a further 6 CSS vessels under contract with deliveries planned over the next two years.

CSS Olympia Delivered

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