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Inmarsat Maritime Opens Smart

Operations Dialogue

Inmarsat has staged the inaugural Smart

Operations conference, the fi rst in a se- ries of events seeking an open debate in the maritime industry over the opera- tional benefi ts of integrated thinking on shore and ship communications. With the fi rst of the three new Global Xpress satellites already in orbit – a prelude to the global launch of the world’s fi rst high-speed mobile broadband satellite service to the maritime industry, sched- uled for early 2015 – the ‘Smart Opera- tions’ conference took place at Inmarsat

HQ in London in February. “Ship to shore connectivity has not kept pace with the unprecedented data access available ashore after the internet revo- lution, but things are changing fast,” In- marsat Maritime President Frank Coles told an audience including key end-us- ers. “The industrial internet is here and shipping will have to accept it. With ships already featuring ever increasing numbers of sensors, smart operational decision-making is available through ad- vanced analytics. Inmarsat is developing the platform that will enable the Mari- time Industrial Internet age.”

Coles said ultra-fast data transfer rates were in sight. Communications would be the enabler of operationally effi cient technologies, he said. “The shipping industry is innovative, but in its own way,” said Coles. “Today, we send data in 2MB bundles, but to- morrow it will be 15-20MB. The point is it is no longer about getting data ashore, but about analyzing it and sifting it to en- sure smart operations.”

David Balston, U.K. Chamber of Ship- ping Director – Safety and Environment, outlined the commercial and regulatory pressures facing owners in 2014. High fuel prices and disastrous charter rates persisted while regulatory restrictions could cost shipping half a trillion dollars between 2015 and 2025, he said.

Quoting a McKinsey projection that 50 billion devices will be internet-connect- ed by 2020, Coles also cited an Engi- neering Software Reliability Group esti- mate to argue that $20 billion could be captured across 100,000 ships through smart decisions on energy effi ciency, predictive maintenance and downtime avoidance. Again, the future of compli- ance with environmental rules lay in collecting, analyzing and acting on real time data, he said.

Laborde Holds Open House at New Facility

To celebrate its new location in San An- tonio, Texas, Laborde Equipment Ser- vices (LES) opened its doors to custom- ers and associates at an open house. The facility was overfl owing as the company welcomed over 125 guests at the event.

Participants were given a facility tour, while also learning more about LES and its extensive line of products and servic- es available to the South Texas market.

Laborde’s senior staff, including Tracy

Laborde, Brian Laborde, Doug Oeh- rlein, Joe Manning, Jr., Trace Laborde, and Marc Laborde, was also on hand to welcome customers. Several Laborde

Products Diesel America pump pack- ages, generator packages, and pressure washers were on display and ready for guests to inspect up close. But, the new

LES DA-99-C6 portable pump package stole most of the attention. The DA- 99-C6 is designed primarily for transfer- ring water and fl uids in the bustling and fast-growing Eagle Ford Shale market.

Rustibus® is designed to de-scale and power brush ship decks, hatch covers,tank tops, etc.


Ph: 832-203-7170




OOL for r emo ving c oatings and rust.










OIC RUN-OFF LIMITED (formerly Ralli Brothers Insurance Company Limited and The Orion Insurance Company plc) and THE LONDON AND OVERSEAS INSURANCE

COMPANY LIMITED (formerly Hull Underwriters’ Association Limited and


On 7 March 1997 the Companies, which are insolvent, became subject to a scheme of arrangement (the “Original Scheme”). The current Scheme Administrators are Dan Schwarzmann and Paul Evans, both of PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP. The Companies have been developing an amending scheme of arrangement under Part 26 of the Companies Act 2006 (the “Amending Scheme”). If you believe that you are, or may be, a creditor of one or more of the Companies (a “Scheme Creditor”) you may be affected by the proposed Amending Scheme.

The Original Scheme is a reserving scheme of arrangement under which the Companies continue to agree Scheme Creditors’ claims in the ordinary course of business. The Amending Scheme would convert the Original Scheme to a crystallisation scheme of arrangement under which Scheme Creditors’ claims, including notified outstanding liabilities and incurred but not reported claims, would need to be submitted to the Companies by a specified bar date. The primary objective of the Amending Scheme is to enable Scheme Creditors’ claims to be valued and the Companies’ assets to be distributed to Scheme

Creditors earlier than would be the case under the Original Scheme.

This Notice informs you of: (a) the Scheme Administrators’ decision to propose the Amending Scheme; (b) the Scheme Administrators’ intention to apply to the High Court of Justice at the Royal Courts of

Justice, 7 Rolls Building, Fetter Lane London EC4A 1NL, for a Court hearing (the “Court Hearing”) for permission for the Companies to convene the necessary meetings of Scheme Creditors to consider and, if thought appropriate, approve (with or without modification) the Amending

Scheme; and (c) the place where you can locate details of the composition of the meetings of Scheme Creditors which the Companies propose to convene for the purpose of voting on the Amending Scheme.

Information on the proposed classes of Scheme Creditor, as well as other important information in relation to the Amending Scheme, can be found in the Practice Statement Letter which is available on the Companies’ website at

The date, time and location of the Court Hearing will also be confirmed on the website once known.

If you are a broker, agent or other intermediary who has acted on behalf of Scheme Creditors in placing business with one or more of the Companies and you have not provided detailed policyholder contact information to them, please forward this notice to your clients. Alternatively, please provide us with your clients’ names and addresses so we can write to them directly.

Certain policyholders may have a policy written through a broker facility (which includes brokers covers, broker lineslips and binding authorities) and may not know the identity of the insurance company. The principal known broker facilities are listed below and a full list of known broker facilities is available on the Companies’ website.

A.B.C. Excess (Aircraft Builders Council)

A.B.C. Master Agreement (Aircraft Builders Council)

A.I.A.A. Aviation Excess of Loss Reinsurance Agreement (American International Aviation Agency Inc)

Alexander Howden Reinsurance Brokers Limited Marine Excess of Loss Pool

C.T. Bowring & Co Aviation Liability Line Slip (B500 Contract)

C.T. Bowring General Non Marine Master Cover

C.T. Bowring Marine Master Cover

Hull & Co (UK) Ltd Line Slip HC.013

London Special Risks Liability Line Slip No. LSR056

Price Forbes Brokers Cover

Price Forbes Line Slip

Sedgwick Collins Lloyds Brokers Line Slip

Sedgwick Offshore Resources Master Drilling Rig Line Slip (M.D.R.C)

Steel Burrill Jones Oil & Gas Line Slip

Willis Faber & Dumas Brokers Line Slip


By Post: Armour Risk Management Limited, 4th Floor, 20 Old Broad Street, London

EC2N 1DP, United Kingdom, marked for the attention of Andrew Jones

By e-mail:

By phone: +44 (0) 20 7382 2020

By fax: +44 (0) 20 7382 2001


Labor de Equipment Ser vices

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