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Fergus Campbell Leads Imtech Marine USA and

Radio Holland ‘Reloaded’ ? ve years at sea on various assignments

How did you come to a career in the Coming into the position, what are maritime industry? your near and longer term goals, and and vessels, I came ashore and found how do you plan to achieve them?

There were a number of factors that myself working as a technician support-

In the near term we aim to have a larger led me to this career. Growing up in a ing automation systems on vessels. small seaport town along the banks of

Over the course of seven years as a presence and take new approaches to the the River Clyde, I remember from a technician I found myself involved in market, focusing on new requirements

Name: of our customers but also building on young age being captivated by the va- retro? tting systems on many of the ma-

Fergus Campbell riety of ships sailing by and wondering jor cruise ships and spent a lot of time our remote monitoring and maintenance what it would be like to work on them. in the U.S. during their drydock periods. capabilities.


Long term we are preparing our orga-

This idea of going to sea and seeing the Then in 1998 I was asked to open a sup-

Imtech Marine USA Inc.

nization for growth and focus on being world stayed with me throughout my port of? ce for the cruise ships in the Mi- teenage years and (I ended up going) ami area. We established our of? ce on a solutions provider and system integra-

Title: to Glasgow College of Nautical Studies October that year by renting of? ce space tor to our customers by introducing new

Director (GCNS) to study electrical and electron- from Radio Holland Miami and the rest technology and services that can impact their business in a positive way. ics. This was at a time when the British is history.


Merchant Navy was in decline and job 50

You have had a diverse career includ-

Imtech has been a driver of consolida- prospects for Radio of? cers at sea were tion in recent years. For MR readers ing 10 years with Radio Holland USA.

Favorite Quote: pretty bleak. However in my ? nal year,

What will you take away from your past not intimately familiar with the compa-

Insanity: Doing the same thing over while studying Radar Maintenance, a assignment that will be of value to Im- ny and its offering, can you describe it and over again and expecting dif- new classmate joined our class who was tech and its customers? in one or two sentences?

ferent results. – Albert Einstein working for Denholm’s in the North Sea

Being with the company before has ad-

Imtech Marine is a technically innova- on a diving support vessel. I walked into tive global company. We offer a full vantages from an inside perspective. Be-


Denholm’s of? ce on speculation and six ing on the receiving end of the services range of services, from traditional Navi- weeks later I was joining the same vessel gation/Communication systems, high we provide gives you a totally different as his back-to-back relief. This was part capacity Satellite Connectivity solutions perspective, both are valuable from an

Images (L to R) of a pilot program Denholm’s was run- experience point of view and will help

Technician of Radio Holland, part of to HVAC, Electrical power generation/ ning, training Radio Of? cers to also take

Imtech Marine providing maintenance distribution, Automation and Propulsion us to improve and provide good quality care of the engine room, electrical and on board; Imtech Marine USA Techni- automation systems. This program led to name a few. As a system integrator customer service. cian at work on the MS Westerdam; and solution provider we now can cover

Technician of Radio Holland, part of to the start of Electro-technical Of? cers

How is Imtech today … and its resur- the entire vessel from Bridge to Engine

Imtech Marine providing maintenance (ETO’s) which is a common function on gent Radio Holland USA brand … the


on board.

same and different from the Radio most vessels these days. After spending 20 Maritime Reporter & Engineering News • MARCH 2015

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