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In the last decade, Turkish shipbuilding experienced an increase in its shipbuilding and export capacity, including a signi? cant product diversi? cation.

hamas or St Vincent and the Grenadines. ity certi? ed shipyards that can build At present, there are 70 active shipyards ? agged, primarily from European Union

As a result of ? agging out, an increasing ships, yachts, mega-yachts, and sailing in Turkey, while another 56 (most of members, and especially smaller vessels freight payment to foreign ? ag vessels boats, as well as carrying out extensive which might be described as a medium that may not be economic to sail to re- of approximately $1.5 billion is lost an- repair and conversion works. Turkey’s size) are reported to be in the process of cycling yards in South Asia. Turkey is nually. Therefore, a policy for an inter- shipyards are mainly located in the Mar- being built, although this number may frequently chosen for recycling because national ship registry is under consider- mara Region, namely Tuzla, Yalova, be affected by the reduced demand for it complies with ship recycling standards ation, since a second registry and a ? ag and Izmit, which have developed into shipbuilding following the 2008 world and its recycling yards comply with in- of convenience for Turkey, will serve dynamic shipbuilding centers. Also, in economic slowdown. The number of ternational practices promulgated by the both to prevent the loss of freight pay- recent years the emerging Black Sea and jobs offered by the sector has consider- International Maritime Organization, the ments and to operate the vessels within Mediterranean Regions have increasing- ably decreased with the world crisis, International Labor Organization and cabotage trading. ly attracted shipyard investments. falling from 33,480 in 2007 to 16,000 the Basel Convention on the Control of

Turkish State Railways operate the In the last decade, Turkish shipbuild- in 2012. Most shipyards have turned to Trans-boundary Movements of Hazard- seven major ports in Turkey and privati- ing experienced a several-fold increase the repair activity since the industry had ous Wastes and their Disposal, as well as zation action is in progress, including the in its shipbuilding and export capacity, its big drop from 2007. The yards were with national legislation. Cruise tourism biggest container terminals at the Ports including a signi? cant product diversi? - not prepared to tackle competition from in Turkey is the second fastest growing of Istanbul, Izmir and Mersin. In addi- cation. Turkey has gained wide recogni- China and Korea, which are supported activity and ranks 5th in the EU. As it tion, privatization of the 12 secondary tion for its expertise in megayacht build- by subsidies. In Turkey the government is a young activity, cruise tourism is not ports owned and operated by the Turkish ing, for which it occupies the third rank offers small incentives but no cash, back among the seven largest activities, but it

Maritime Organization is also in line. in the world with a market share of 12%. payments or ? nancing, or even the credit shows good potential for the future and

Shipbuilding in Turkey has evolved In 2013, Turkish shipyards boasted of line support as is customary in some Far investments under way, notably in Istan- from an old traditional activity in Ana- an order book which placed it in the top East competitors. Turkey is the world’s bul. According to the Tourism Master tolia to an internationally recognized ten countries on the basis of its dead- ? fth largest ship recycler, and the larg- Plan issued in 2011, seven new cruise industry, especially since the early weight (dwt) production and in the top est outside of South-Asia and China. ports (out of which 3 home ports) will be 1990s. The industry has modern, qual- ? ve countries by the number of ships. Most of the ships recycled are foreign built in the country by 2023.

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