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outside experts. “(The extreme training) The “industry campus”, as its CEO is about, “How do you lead,”” Remoy Per Erik Dalen calls the NCE, “tests the adds. He admits the Academy is “similar” equipment of the future”.

to one in Perth Australia but says Faas- “This year we ? nanced a subsea simu- navaag is unique “because competitors lator, and then state-owned (Statoil) sub- work together to be best in the world on sidized a second,” said Dalen. the newest technology.” “Statoil does all their training here for “It’s not just about buying steel any- their Aasgaard (subsea compression proj- more. I think you’ll see more hands-on ect) heavy lifts,” he adds. Upwards of 40 owners, and we can create much more NCE simulators are the same versions as change here than in an ordinary school.” at the Academy.

He adds that “ice-management” likely for “A screen, a chair … some basic soft- ship stability training will also be added. ware. That’s what it is,” said Dalen.

Pressure to be compliant with European “What hasn’t been done before is con-

Union and IMO strictures and a need “to necting crane, deck, subsea, ROV and the get the right number of people onto ship rest in one place,” he said, and that’s what systems” has encouraged the school’s Faasnavaag and the NCE can do. It is un- founders. derstood they can also connect a vessel in

There are 3,000 seafarers represented Perth online to training at Aalesund. He in this room who in one way or another admits “this house is full” and could use need to go through that training,” Remoy more square feet for extra marine focus in asserts. It’s clear the training has been the curricula. Simulators, he says, could something of a burden, and the Olympic also speed innovation and virtual proto- boss admits his people already endure typing done locally.

some 600 course types and 80 audits, As we leave the NCE and Aalesund, about half of which are Class. “This will we drop in on the high school across the continue to grow. It’s a neverending sto- street, where a major “career awareness” ry,” he said. event is underway and is part science fair.

We see teenagers wearing simulator hel-

Extra Capacity mets and watching simulated operations

The Academy is managed by the same on the screen. They put career questions company, AKP, that runs the NCE, which to “recruiters” from the maritime com- also offers simulator training and sits on munity. Among the hundreds of students, the other side of town, just across-the- one kid has built a wooden X-bow paint- street from a large area high school. ed like a U.S. Coast Guard vessel.

School founders

Olympic Shipping MD Stig Remoy &

Bourbon Offshore MD Bjorn Remoy (background). 33

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