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MPT’s Capt. Morley agrees: “Offshore Capt. Morley, the jewel of the expansion The technical specs on the new equip- in seats and facility size. Total number

Industry Training is one of ? ve key mar- is a new 25,000 sq. ft. facility, with more ment housed in the new facilities is of seats available will exceed 350 in all ket divisions at MPT. The recent down- than 15,000 sq. ft. dedicated to simula- equally impressive, with a total of four classrooms, not including the conference turn in the price of oil, and the geo-po- tion. In addition to the new building, an full mission Class A simulators; three center or meeting hall.

litical issues surrounding it, we believe additional 9,000 sq. ft. of existing space navigational bridge simulators and one On the West Coast, Cal Maritime and will be short-term.” will be remodeled with new classrooms, Engine Control Room simulator; 30 its partners have invested more than $1 meeting areas and a conference center. partial task desk top simulator stations; million in new simulation equipment

Investments “All four of our Broward County cam- upgrades to the DP lab and ECDIS labs; and upgrades to existing facilities, ac-

Maritime Professional Training (MPT) puses will receive signi? cant technology as well as new equipment for the Radar/ cording to Pecota.

has been particularly active in expand- upgrades allowing for live streaming ARPA lab. He said an L3 engine simulator was ing, investing $5m in the expansion of and cloud-based data sharing between In total, Morley said the enhancements installed in the Engineering Building four bustling facilities. According to them,” said Capt. Morley. represent an approximate 50% increase Power Lab, a simulator that was donated by Chevron Corporation. For its part Cal

Maritime provided a newly constructed

Resolve Marine Group space within the larger Power Lab to house the L3 simulator, and professional training courses using the new facility are due to begin in April 2015.

“Chevron needed a good location for its preferred type of engine room simu- lator (L3), one that can be linked to our

Transas full mission bridge simulators to provide simultaneous deck/engine integrated training for its employees,” said Pecota. “Cal Maritime will use the new simulator in its undergraduate engi- neering courses when not being used by


Cal Maritime is unique in another sense in that its Training Ship Golden

Bear features a simulator, and the Navi- gation Laboratory’s full mission and part task simulators are receiving a $50,000 upgrade to the Instructor Operation Sta- tion. “Cal Maritime’s Golden Bear (Photo: Resolve) is the only maritime academy train- ing vessel in the U.S. with advanced simulation facilities that greatly en-

California Maritime Academy hance the cruise experience for cadet students,” said Pecota. The upgrade includes expanded space for the instruc- tor’s operating room and server room, and additional workstations and moni- tors to allow for better simultaneous operation of the full mission bridge and classroom part-task simulators.

Resolve Marine Group in Fort Lauder- dale has also invested recently in its sim- ulation facilities, to the tune of approxi- mately $1 million, according to Boldt.

RMG has added an additional 7,000 sq. ft. to include new classrooms, DP Class, of? ce space, ? ex-use tug/DP bridges and relocation of the full mission bridge. In addition, there is a new two story, four compartment wet trainer next to the Fire

Trainer, the Gray Manatee, in Port Ev- erglades. Attracting business from the offshore sector was a driver for the most recent expansion, and to that end the new facilities include a DP Class featuring 8 x DP 1 or 4 x DP2 desk top trainers. The system and simulation is Transas NTPro and DP units are MT. The Tug/DP Bridg- (Photo: California Maritime Academy) es will also be Transas NTPro and allow

Resolve to create courses speci? c for the

California Maritime offers a simulator on its training ship Golden Bear.

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