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Omega USBH Output Pressure Transducer

Omega’s high speed USBH output pressure transducer is a transducer with an all stainless steel construction, available in gage, sealed gage and abso- lute pressure models. The PX51 high speed USBH Series connects directly to your computer. Free downloadable PC software takes the data from the transducer directly to the digital domain, turning a laptop or Windows tab- let (with USB connection) into a virtual meter, chart recorder or data log- ger. Also included are .NET APIs, and a command set for command-line access. A 2 m (6’) USB cable is standard.

Photo: PlateSmart

Blue Sky Updates SkyRouter Web Portal


Blue Sky Network (BSN) announced upgrades to SkyRouter’s extensive

Alert Noti? cation system. SkyRouter is Blue Sky Network’s cloud-based

Port Tampa Bay is Florida’s largest maritime port web portal and mapping solution, which communicates with remote de- and the 16th largest in the U.S. and it recently imple- vices over the Iridium Satellite Network. It provides a secure interface for mented PlateSmart’s ARES enterprise license plate tracking, managing and communicating with globally dispersed assets in recognition-based video analytics system to enhance real-time. The new Alerting system empowers ? eet managers by deliver- security. Overseen by the Tampa Port Authority, the ing customized, pertinent asset information directly to smartphones and port handles both commercial and passenger traf? c tablets.

Photo: Blue Sky Network Photo: Omega on a daily basis. In addition to being a major hub of the shipping industry with several million tons of cargo are shipped in and out of the port in any given year, the port is a departure point for several cruise lines, and also runs and maintains its own ship repair

New Biodegradable Steel Wire Rope Lubricants facilities. Port Tampa Bay requires the ability to track

METALUBE launched Rope-Tek WRD, a new range of biodegradable lu- the volume of traf? c entering and exiting the port and bricants speci? cally designed to protect steel wire ropes. According to the understand what times of the year see the heaviest manufacturer, each product is formulated from high-performance base oils traf? c. It also needs complete documentation of each and thickeners, and contains an advanced additive system that minimizes instance where a vehicle enters or exits the property friction and wear, delivering corrosion protection. for forensic purposes.

Because Port Tampa Bay is effectively a U.S. bor- der, the Port Authority maintains a close collabora- tion with local law enforcement. Port personnel need to be able to tell police whether or not a suspect ve- hicle has entered port property and how long it stayed

Scrubbers for Two Stena Line Ferries there, and they also count on law enforcement to pro-

Stena Transit and Stena Transporter, two Ro-Ro ferries owned and oper- vide them with background checks on entering ve- ated by Stena Line, are to be retro? tted with Wärtsilä in-line closed-loop hicles when necessary.

scrubber systems in Q4 2015 and Q1 2016. The scrubber systems will

PlateSmart said the Tampa Port Authority was not enable the ferries to comply with the regulations covering SOx emissions able to ful? ll any of these needs reliably prior to in- while running on HFO, as the operating routes of these two ferries fall stalling the camera systems. PlateSmart’s ARES En- within the North Sea’s SECA.

terprise Video Analytics System was determined to improve the port’s security processes by automati- cally scanning and documenting the license plates of all vehicles entering the facility, thus automatically providing a complete and accurate count of vehicles entering the property. It also provides a complete re- cord of each vehicle entry, complete with location,

Odfjell Implements e-Navigation date- and time-stamp and full-color image of the

Odfjell will roll out NAVTOR e-navigation solutions throughout its ? eet, a plate as well as a larger image of the vehicle itself. move that aims to increase operational ef? ciency while reducing the num-

Any information law enforcement needs on vehicles ber of man-hours spent on administration across the ship owner’s 50 deep- entering port property is available, and the port has sea vessels. The 40,000 dwt Bow Sky is the ? rst ship to adopt NAVTOR’s complete documentation to provide for background

AVCS service, with a further roll out planned throughout Q1 and Q2 2015.

checks. Future expansions of the system would en- able even more complete coverage, including the

Photo: Navtor Photo: Wärtsilä Photo: MetalLube ability to know how long a vehicle remained on the premises and when it left. Also, the product architec- ture enables the port to implement future enhance- ments such as facial capture and thermal imaging capture. PlateSmart installed ? ve Axis megapixel

Ecochlor BWTS Chosen for Bulkers

IP dome cameras at each of the ? ve incoming traf-

Times Navigation, Inc. has selected Ecochlor, Inc. to provide ballast water treatment systems (BWTS) ? c lanes at Port Tampa Bay’s entry gate. Expansion for installation on a ? eet of eight new CROWN63 (63,500 DWT) ultra-max bulk carriers that will be plans include the installation of cameras at the exit constructed at SINOPACIFIC Shipbuilding Group.

gate as well. 69

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