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The 2015 The 2015


Five Minutes with

Paul CEO,




Council ? shing, oil and gas, aquaculture, offshore re-

Can you tell us a bit about your meet-

Recently in its New York City of- newables, seabed mining, and more, as well as ing at the United Nations?

The U.N. has an annual brie? ng for governments supporting industries, such as shipbuilding and ? ce Maritime Reporter sat with on ocean issues that has been going for 16 years, marine technologies. Our mission is to get the

Paul Holthus, CEO of the World but industry hasn’t usually been well represented. leadership companies from the diverse, global,

As the World Ocean Council has become recog- ocean industries thinking about their long term

Ocean Council, for a discussion nized as the comprehensive connecting point for relationship, role and responsibility with regard to the international maritime industries to these kind ocean health, science and stewardship - what we of the trend toward corporate of global processes, we were invited to give the call “Corporate Ocean Responsibility”. We are fa- business perspective in the opening panel with the cilitating collaboration amongst these companies ocean responsibility and his or- governments. This year there’s a U.N. process for to address the risks and opportunities affecting the ganization’s contribution to that creating “Sustainable Development Goals”, the future of ocean business operations.

next generation of the big, broad, global targets end.

From your perspective, what’s the for development. One of the goals is on the ocean, driver?

and people have realized, ‘We need to be talking

The driver is the fact that many of the sustainabil- to industry about sustainable development.’ ity-related issues, such as environmental impacts, are multi-industry in nature or their implications.

So let’s start from the beginning: The

So, for example, look at the marine sound issue,

World Ocean Council. What is your by Greg Trauthwein mission? What do you do?

such as the possible impacts of sound on marine

The WOC brings together the diverse ocean mammals, or the issue of biofouling and the trans- business community, which includes shipping, fer of invasive species. These are not just shipping 46 Maritime Reporter & Engineering News • JUNE 2015

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