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Point of Discharge Measurement

A key requirement for any treatment system installed is to provide analysis of the ballast water at the point of discharge to prove correct treatment. Using the inherent high sensitivity of the FastBal- last Compliance Monitor, the variable ? uorescence of live viable phytoplank- ton cells in moving ballast water can be monitored to the levels required by the

IMO D2 standard (10 to 50um category).

Developed by Chelsea Technologies

Group and based on established marine technology, the FastBallast Compliance

Monitor has been speci? cally developed for working with phytoplankton within the aqueous phase at low optical den- sity, exactly the conditions encountered in ballast water. FastBallast interrogates the photosynthesis process taking place within phytoplankton to distinguish be- tween which cells are alive or dead. Us- ing complex algorithms, FastBallast can rapidly determine if your ballast water discharge is compliant.

To ensure that all phytoplankton pres- ent within the 10 to 50um range are de- tected, FastBallast uses multiple LED excitation channels. A highly sensitive photon multiplier tube is used to detect the variable ? uorescence of live phyto- plankton. Each measurement takes only 200 µs, which means that data can be collected from fast moving water (up to two metres of linear ? ow per second), typically encountered within ballast tanks or water treatment system piping.

FastBallast is available as a portable or integrated system. Capable of operat- ing in ? ow through and static sampling mode, the portable version of FastBallast is designed for carrying out spot check measurements, reassuring port state control and shipboard engineers that their BWTS is operating as it should.

The touch screen displays a RAG (red- amber-green) system used to indicate whether the ballast water discharge is compliant with regards to current regula- tions. Data can be downloaded via USB or ethernet for a more detailed assess- ment of the treated ballast water..

The integrated variant of FastBallast is designed for permanent installation within a BWTS, where it will operate in ? ow through mode providing a con- tinuous update on discharge compliance.

This version of FastBallast can interface with PSM Instrumentation’s Ballast-

View, a system for logging compliance

Pictured above: A ClearView onboard display of the real-time BWT activity, an example of the BWT data onboard a vessel which can also

Record Book printed for Port State inspection and historic BWT activity report transmitted onshore for transmit data ashore, if required. management reporting.

Using FastBallast will improve the ballast water management regime of vessels in time for rati? cation and will 32 Maritime Reporter & Engineering News • AUGUST 2015

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