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BALLAST WATER TECHNOLOGY “We’re working with four in- dependent labs right now to validate (technology) submit- tals ... I’m pretty optimistic we will have Coast Guard approved ballast water standards by the IMO conference in November.”

Admiral Paul Zukunft, Commandant of the USCG, discussing the ballast water issue at NorShipping (Photo: William Stoichevski)

Nor-Shipping Notebook:

Ballast Water Treatment

Modular and Just in TimeModular and Just in Time

By William Stoichevski pair of market entries — one kills stowaway sea life. “type approval” later in 2015, around the strict standard described in the IMO’s a business of powerful Japa- Through the presentation we come to time the IMO meets. rule No. D-2. Retro? ts and new-builds nese technology players, the understand that Nor-Shipping is Ecoma- The dates are a reminder of what Op- offer a steady ? ow of business for ship-

Aother a newbie with some rine’s ? rst foray into a sizeable market timarin CEO Tore Andersen once told yards, but once installed, ballast water pedigree — reveal how bold, modular of Norwegian owners and operators. this writer: “No one is type-approved,” system vendors promise minimal main- design could pay dividends in a competi- We ask how their technology compares a shake of the head at ongoing class and tenance.

tive market. Their increments of innova- to that of dominant Norwegian player, country changes for ballast systems that As we watch the Ecomarine man re- tion add up to timely ways to comply Optimarin, and a sales representative seek to eradicate some 200 plankton and move the ? lter cartridges (sections, re- with changes, including extra U.S. Coast says, “The same.” We take it he means bacteria measured by the C.M.F.D.A and ally) from the one-third-scale Sumitomo

Guard strictures due out on the eve of “also an ultraviolet-light system” for USCG. Electric RC ? lter, we realize the system an International Maritime Organization killing invasive organisms in ballast “It seems no one has been able to meet is tiny yet robust, light and easily in- meeting in November 2015. The record water. The trademark Ecomarine is a (total eradication levels),” Andersen stalled and maintained. It could spell numbers of vendors at Norway’s Nor- brand and joint venture of Hitachi Zosen said. cost-savings. The sight of these “porta-

Shipping show offer paths to compli- and Sumitomo Electric, so its presence ble” systems at the world’s shipping fairs

Modular magic ance, as countries add rules or ratify IMO is signi? cant at Nor-Shipping. Optima- might be one reason India recently lost

Section B edicts aimed at sti? ing foreign rin dominates Norway market share via Unlike metal mesh systems, the Eco- its fear of retro? ts for older vessels and species incursions by ballast water. sales to offshore service vessels with marine system starts by circulating bal- rati? ed Section B of the Ballast Water

The IMO’s mandatory Section B bal- ballast pump capacities of from 80 cu- last water through a “non-woven” ? lter Convention. last water strictures come into force for bic meters per hour to 250 m3ph (and system that feels like a strong, papery

Satellite treatment all vessels on Jan. 1st, 2016, but that’s other vessels up to 2,000 m3ph). So, fabric in the hand. An image of the ? l- not why we slide ourselves into a seat at Ecomarine is competitive with its “IMO tered water at 50 micrometers appears to As we walk around, it’s clear not all ? l-

Ecomarine’s booth and absorb a video and AMS approved” UV system for up show no sign of zoo- or phytoplankton. ter systems are created equal. Some per- on how the company’s ? lter-? rst, UV to 600 m3ph. Its 600 m3ph Electrolysis By January 2016, ships have to man- colate. Some boil. Some poison. Some and electrolysis neutralizing technology system is understood to be waiting for age the aquatic life in that water to the zap. One newcomer to the Norwegian 34 Maritime Reporter & Engineering News • AUGUST 2015

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