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Five minutes with

Roy S. Strand, COO,

Goltens Worldwide

As Goltens celebrates 75 years serving the maritime industry, Roy Strand discusses the iconic company’s historic market strengths and its big push into the

Ballast Water Treatment sector.

By Greg Trauthwein

Your company is celebrating its 75th So how does Goltens contribute to the nealing, engine line boring, metal stitch- a diesel engine crankshaft in-situ in the anniversary this year. For readers who maritime industry today? ing of damaged blocks and bedplates as early 1950’s. This revolutionized the re- may not be familiar with the details of For 75 years Goltens has been a pre- well as surface machining of upper and pair of crankshaft casualties dramatically the company, can you provide a brief on ferred alternative, and oftentimes part- lower landing surfaces. Beyond that, we increasing the speed of repair and reduc- its founding? ner, to many of the original equipment provide a full range of larger scale bor- ing the expense of crankshaft failures.

The company was founded by Sigurd manufacturers. Goltens is a global ser- ing and surface milling and machining in The repair averted the enormous costs of

Golten in 1940. Golten was born in vice organization employing more than support of new build and repair activities full disassembly, crankshaft purchase or

Western Norway and sailed as a mer- 1,200 highly capable resources operat- in shipyards all over the world. repair ashore, transportation and signi? - chant engineer from the age of 14. While ing in more than 25 locations in 15 coun- Our newest business line, Goltens cant loss of hire for that extended period. sailing, he saw ? rst-hand the importance tries. We operate in three core service Green Technologies, was started in 2011 Since the 50’s, we have made major of top-quality machine shops and repair lines, all focused on helping ship owners to provide vessel owners with a cost ef- improvements on our tooling and pro- providers. He wanted to be able to ser- and power plant operators minimize as- ? cient and non-invasive process to com- cess in terms of ef? ciency and accuracy vice customers wherever they may be set downtime: ply with pending environmental ballast and have moved away from grinding and had a vision to create a global com- ¦ Diesel Engine Services, water and emission control legislation. to machining the crankshafts. We have pany known for high quality and respon- ¦ In-Situ Machining, and also invested heavily in other ways to sive service. Golten landed in New York ¦ Green Technologies Looking back, what do you count as limit cost and downtime for vessels like and started a marine repair workshop in As an engine specialist we service and your company’s biggest contribution to our class approved crankshaft annealing

Brooklyn, NY. The company secured a repair a wide range of diesel engines this market? process which has resulted in Goltens good amount of work related to the war and related equipment providing rou- Goltens’ in-situ crankshaft grinding salvaging a large number of otherwise effort in the years that followed and he tine and emergency ? eld and workshop tooling and repair process are really condemned shafts. expanded his shop with other quali? ed repair and reconditioning services on all what drove the global brand recognition engineers and machinists. After World major 2 and 4 stroke main and auxiliary and early growth of the company and is Looking at the past year in maritime, do

War II ended he established Goltens engines. still one of the factors that differentiates you see positive or negative, and why?

Oslo with his brothers Konrad and Knut. In our In-Situ machining business we us from other engine repair companies The merchant sector is still in a de-

This expansion was the beginning of provide a full range of highly special- and makes us a “go to” partner for major pressed state. Overcapacity, low hire

Goltens becoming a brand with a global ized in-place machining inclusive of engine casualties. rates and a volatile global economy con- recognition and presence. crankshaft machining, crankshaft an- Goltens was the ? rst company to grind tinue to plague operators and challenge 36 Maritime Reporter & Engineering News • AUGUST 2015

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