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device: accommodation meant new cabins, rooms, A/C system, piping, electricity. The propellers were replaced and the gearboxes reconditioned. New systems were installed: two gensets, a new dredger system, high capacity and pressure dredging pumps, new steam boiler to give ser- vice to the ? sh processing plant, installation of a new in- cinerator, a new lift, etc.

Between 2014 and 2015 we had the big conversion jobs on three French ferries, comprising the removal of the ex- isting exhaust systems and replacement of the silencers by the new scrubbers. Installation of the new seven scrub- bers (four for the M/E and three for the A/E). Rerouting of the existing pipe network in the casing. Installation of new pump rooms. Installation of the new exhausts and water system piping. Fabrication and mounting of new enlarged funnel. Installation of new electrical systems, control systems, insulation, structural modi? cations and other auxiliary jobs. Due to the limited space available in the casings, and the important interference of piping and structural systems, the tight delivery time was achieved by means of a correct planning and strategy of removal/ mounting process. Apart of the speci? c works related to the new plant, the vessel was extensively upgraded and major repairs were carried out.

On the other hand, the most challenging projects accom- plished by ASTICAN last year, which have continued in 2015, were a block booking of six heavy Norwegian An- chor handlers coming from Brazil and four other offshore vessels from another Norwegian company, all the while attentioning the different projects on 13 rigs, too.

To sum up, the most important challenge was to carry out this outstanding level of work keeping customer’s satisfaction. I guess we are doing it with the support of our project management team since those owners keep coming to quote new projects. This shows the con? dence these owners have in our shipyards. 45

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