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Investments in Facilities, Equipment and People eneral Dynamics NASSCO has ability. By switching to controlled light- space and crucial crane services. The ship is designed to support MH-53 and invested several hundred mil- ing, the company is projected to save upgrades allowed repair employees the MH-60 helicopters, and will be upgraded

Glion in capital projects as part more than 1.3 million kilowatt hours opportunity to work safer, and more ef- to support MV-22 tilt rotor aircraft. of its efforts to increase ef? ciencies via (kWh), per year. ? ciently. The U.S. Navy awarded General Dy- modular shipbuilding, including: two Additionally, a commitment to training namics NASSCO a contract for the de- 300-ton cranes allowing shipbuilders the and workforce development for employ- tail design and construction of a fourth Recent Deliveries ability to increase the size of the erect- ees and new hires is embedded in the In the second quarter of 2015, Gen- mobile landing platform, to be con? g- able blocks; a block assembly line to op- company’s culture. General Dynamics eral Dynamics NASSCO delivered ured as an a? oat forward staging base. timize construction of commercial ship NASSCO offers year-round employee the USNS Lewis B. Puller. The ship is Construction is scheduled to begin in the blocks; inverted block and grand block and supervisor professional develop- named in honor of the late U.S. Ma- fourth quarter of 2015.

out? t areas to more fully install compo- ment programs and extensive training. rine Corps Lieutenant General Lewis In the past decade, NASSCO has deliv- nents and equipment on blocks; and a Since last year, more than 580 ship? tters, “Chesty” Puller, the most decorated Ma- ered 16 ships to the U.S. Navy.

state-of the-art, environmentally-friend- welders, outside machinists, and others rine and the only one to be awarded ? ve In the fourth quarter of 2015, General ly blast and paint facility to paint blocks have completed new hire training and Navy Crosses. NASSCO shipbuilders Dynamics NASSCO will deliver the indoors with high capacity equipment. . joined the workforce. began construction on the ship in 2013. world’s ? rst LNG-powered container-

General Dynamics NASSCO is also The company is committed to continu- The mobile landing platform, con? g- ship. Built for TOTE Maritime, the 764- committed to environmental steward- ous improvement to reduce the cost of ured as an a? oat forward staging base, foot long Marlin Class containership will ship. shipbuilding, resulting, in part, to the is the ? rst of its kind. Designed exclu- be the largest ship powered by LNG, in

The company recently unveiled one of largest backlog in NASSCO’s history. sively by NASSCO, elements of the ship the world. the largest controlled lighting systems NASSCO is competing for several new include a 52,000 square-foot ? ight deck, The Marlin-Class containership re- for a manufacturing site at its shipyard in government and commercial shipbuild- berthing, fuel storage, equipment stor- duces particulate and gaseous emissions

San Diego, California. ing opportunities including the Navy’s age, repair spaces, and accommodations by more than 98 percent, making these

Designed speci? cally for industrial T-AO(X), LHA-8 and LX(R) programs. for up to 250 personnel. ships the greenest ships of their kind use, the new $630,000 state-of-the-art NASSCO’s extensive repair operation The ship is capable of supporting multi- anywhere in the world.

system is part of a three-phase light- spans both coasts, including 16 different ple missions including Air Mine Counter NASSCO has delivered 11 commercial ing enhancement project that will sig- locations in four major U.S. Navy ports. Measures (AMCM), counter-piracy oper- ships in the past decade, and currently ni? cantly reduce energy consumption. In 2013, the repair operation made sub- ations, maritime security operations, hu- has ten commercial ships under contract,

Energy reduction reduces NASSCO’s stantial capital investments to its pipe manitarian aid and disaster relief missions including two Marlin Class container- carbon footprint and improves sustain- shop facility to allow for much needed and Marine Corps crisis response. The ships for TOTE.

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