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The Maritime Aquarium at Norwalk research vessel ‘Spirit of the Sound’ is equipped with BAE Systems HybriGen technology.

perience in hybrid technology for land- ft.) workboat, pilot boat and patrol craft gy offer several variants of High Energy, of the proven and multiple innovation based applications. David Adamiak, Se- sectors to investigate the engineering and High Power, and Ultra Hi-Power cells. award-winning system for electric hy- nior Manager Business Development at systems integration required to bring to- Robert Young, Technical Lead for Ma- brid yachts. The hybrid system can pro-

BAE Systems HybriDrive said, ‘From gether viable and sustainable solutions. rine Applications at XALT Energy, said, vide drive systems and supply the power over 10 years experience supplying hy- With vessel life cycles of over 20 years, ‘our team of engineers have worked to required onboard. The use of renewable brid technology to bus and transport sec- naval architects and builders of new craft the highest standards developing electric sources of energy has also been integrat- tors we know that cost-bene? t calcula- will offer designs that have space and and hybrid energy solutions for the au- ed into the energy management system. tions start with the initial purchase of the access routes to enable retro? t of hybrid tomotive sector. XALT Energy not only Professional users of the hybrid system system. Payback periods can be based on installations. Speed limits in harbors and has the necessary knowledge, but also the can travel silently and use environmen- the life cycle of the vessel and life cycle channel approaches at beginning and experience of taking high voltage battery tally friendly sources of energy in port of the hybrid power system. Once a sys- end of daily transits may mean that ‘The projects from concept through produc- and at lower operating speeds.’ tem is de? ned projections of savings can Hour Of Power’ is all that is required for tion into the ? nished system.’ Following the hybrid marine work- be based on engine management data the electric part of the cycle. shop Robert Young added, ‘We are now linked to work cycles.’ Hybrid systems Hybrid Marine Power & working with boat builders, naval archi- are in? nitely scalable which enables Next Generation Cells & Batteries Propulsion Workshop tects and marine operators to analyse owners to specify what they are trying The next generation of cells and bat- In May 2015 the Hybrid Marine Power different workboat duty cycles. Engine to achieve over a period of time or an teries are key technology developments & Propulsion Workshop brought together management data can be matched to bat- entire ? eet. David Adamiak added, ‘We that are making marine hybrid systems a group of experts in Southampton, U.K., tery characteristics to develop the most supplied a HybriDrive system to the 19 potentially viable. Battery chemistry to explore the possibilities of utilizing ef? cient solutions. XALT Energy on- m (62 ft.) research vessel Spirit Of The such as Lithium-ion offer impressive hybrid power and propulsion systems in board energy management systems are

Sound. She runs virtually silently on bat- power solutions and the business case is the professional marine sector. Focussing designed to ensure that battery systems tery electric power for two hour study starting to ? t for commercial operators. on sub IMO / sub 24 m (80 ft.) vessels, operate at optimum performance. The cruises on Long Island Sound.’ Since there is no single system that ? ts the group highlighted the potential of the objective is hybridizing and electrifying every application it is important to work Hour Of Power concept for wind farm marine vessels to produce ? nancial ben-

Hybrid Systems and with manufacturers that have ? exibility support vessels, pilot boats, patrol craft e? ts and reduced emissions.’ ‘The Hour Of Power’ in cell manufacturing and offer scalable and harbor service vessels.

Certain maritime sectors are potential- solutions. New factories with fully auto- At the hybrid marine workshop Chris- Wind Farm Service Vessels and ly well suited to ‘hybrid’ diesel / electric mated processes are designed to ensure toph Ballin, co-founder & CEO of Ger- The Hour Of Power systems. These include wind farm sup- consistently high quality cells and qual- man manufacturer Torqeedo, explained Multi role Wind Farm Service Vessels port vessels (WFSV) and pilot boats that ity control of the entire battery manage- the development of high-power integrat- (WFSV) enable fast personnel transfer have relatively consistent duty cycles, of- ment system. ed propulsion systems for serial produc- with the capability for utility work such ten running seven days a week to drop off The marine sector can learn from bat- tion, ‘Torqeedo Deep Blue hybrid power as moving equipment and delivery of or collect technicians and pilots. Focus is tery advances in aviation and land trans- and propulsion for the professional ma- spares. As the demand for wind farm now on the sub IMO / sub 24 meter (80 port sectors. Michigan based XALT Ener- rine sector is based around components support has intensi? ed, vessels have 66 Maritime Reporter & Engineering News • AUGUST 2015

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