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“It’s less about breakers tripping than it is about the predictive maintenance ... Whether its marine customers or oil & gas custom- ers or data center customers, what they care about is be- ing able to predict if a breaker is going to trip in the So it wasn’t future and take action in advance of that.

a customer that came to us, but instead it’s a problem that keeps coming up in heavy process industries. This is the solution to that problem.”

Norm Sowards, General Manager,

Power Components, GE Industrial Solutions with real time information on it.” All of version business.” lation con? gurations and clear, brightly In the real world, this is often not the that said; GE has no GuardEon units When that happens, many key features colored labels. case. Many circuit breakers may sit for in the marine space at the moment. So- laid out by customers and determined The new circuit breaker also was de- months, years, even decades without any wards is looking ahead to the moment through collaboration with GE’s Power signed with 25 percent fewer internal action, but must remain able to switch they do. “The product launches in the Conversion and Oil & Gas businesses parts than previous versions, reducing the power off in an instant if a system- middle part of 2016. We are working have already been incorporated into the the number of potential fail points, im- damaging event (like an arc ? ash) oc- with the GE propulsion division on this new GuardEon MCCB. These include proving unit reliability and driving long- curs. 1984 has come and gone. But even concept, actually. This product will go the 200-kiloampere short-circuit rating term sustainability.” George Orwell might admit that what is into the control panels that control those typically required in marine applica- In a perfect operating scenario, a cir- happening today in the world of energy engines. One of the ways that we get this tions, high shock and vibration ratings, cuit breaker will never have to trip management is truly amazing. The best product there is through the product con- a rotating face plate for versatile instal- or respond to an electrical problem. may be yet to come.


Sohre SHAFT GROUNDING (EARTHING) BRUSHES are used on propeller shafts, turbines, generators, electric motors, gears, pumps, etc. Failure to properly ground (earth) rotating shafts can result in expensive damage to seals, bearings, or other critical components.



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