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John E. O’Malley

John C. O’Malley for now ...

Associate Publisher/Editorial Director

Greg Trauthwein

Vice President, Sales

Rob Howard


Web Editor

Eric Haun

Web Contributor s we traverse the dog days of summer, there In short, quality, long-term players in the maritime sector are

Michelle Howard is a palpable caution in the air as much of well-versed and prepared for the inevitable downturns, while

Editorial the industry – with its fortunes and future companies in it for a quick hit that suffer ? rst and most. While

Joseph Fonseca - India

Claudio Paschoa - Brazil tightly tethered to the price of oil and gas companies may downsize to ride out the storm, resulting in a

Peter Pospiech - Germany – wait patiently for any sign that there is loss of valuable human resource assets that can take years to

Production stabilization, or dare we say rebound in the recover, many view turmoil as an opportunity to prune dead


Irina Tabakina

Nicole Ventimiglia market. The maritime and energy markets are certainly no branches, and also a chance to pick up a product, capability or

Corporate Staff stranger to wild ? uctuations, but despite the luxury of 20/20 company on the cheap.

Mark O’Malley, Public Relations

Esther Rothenberger, Accounting hindsight these market swoons always seem to bring varying This is perfect timing for our shipyard edition, as shipyards

Gabby DelGatto, Of? ce Manager layers of surprise, shock or anger. are the heartbeat of this industry. A sincere thanks to Germán

Information Technology

Vladimir Bibik

While this precipitous drop in oil price (Brent is hovering at Carlos Suárez Calvo, CEO, Astican & Astander Shipyards,

Emin Tule $50 per barrel currently) has some industry watcher harken- for sharing his valuable time and insight regarding business,

Subscription ing the collapse of the 1980s and early 90s, even adjusting for investment and prospects at these pair of storied Spanish ship

Kathleen Hickey in? ation the current price is a far cry away from the $14 per repair and conversion facilities. Spain in particular has en-


Lucia Annunziata barrel seen as recent as 1994. (adjusted for in? ation, that $14 dured a particularly rough economic stretch, but the manage- +1 212 477 6700

Terry Breese in 1994 equals just more than $24 today). ment team at Astican & Astander Shipyards has embarked on +1 561 732 1185

Frank Covella

It is times like these when I recall the advice of industry an ambitious plan of investment and growth that is designed to +1 561 732 1659

Mitch Engel leader’s I’ve interviewed over the years, with the words of keep it strong for the coming generation. This story starts on +1 561 732 0312

Mike Kozlowski

Joseph H. Pyne, Chairman of the Board of Kirby Corp., and page 42.

+1 561 733 2477

Dawn Trauthwein interviewed in 2013, leaping to mind ? rst: The other big topic in this edition is Ballast Water Technol- +1 631 472 2715

Jean Vertucci ogy, starting on page 30. There are multiple stories attacking +1 212 477 6700 “I’ve always been somewhat of a contrarian: when busi- this highly controversial issue, but I think the pull quote from

International Sales

Scandinavia ness gets really good I get nervous and when it gets really the USCG Commandant on page 34 is one that anyone with a

Roland Persson

Orn Marketing AB, Box 184 , S-271 24 bad I get excited.” stake in the game will be interested to see.

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