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RECAB Power in Computing “RECAB is a provider of rugged computers; we are ery of embedded computer systems for its solutions to the a hardware company,” said Bjørn Espen Aase, Manag- global ? sh farming industry. “We have developed pilot ing Director, RECAB Norway. “We create innovative series with great success, and this agreement formalizes computer systems for demanding applications, and that a long- term relationship with AKVA group which is a includes rough environments found at sea.” world leader in its market,” said Michael Ullskog, CEO

We met with RECAB at the recent Norshipping in Oslo of RECAB Embedded Computers AB.

Sealing the Deal: RECAB AB and AKVA group ASA signed a frame agreement during Norshipping 2015, for the delivery of to catch up with this fast-growing computer integrator, a The broad product portfolio of products from RECAB embedded computer systems for AKVA’s global ? sh farming company which sees its business spread across many in- includes Embedded Servers, Vehicle- PCs, Medical- endeavors. From L to R: Bjørn Espen Aase, Managing Director, dustries that demand high-performance rugged computing. PCs, Ruggedized COTS, MicroTCA, ATCA, ATR-

RECAB Norway; Andres Lara & Sigurd Larsen, AKVA Group; Mi- chael Ullskog, CEO, RECAB; and Nils Gjørvad, RECAB.

“We are a typical subcontractor for the big players systems, CompactPCI, VME, communications servers, like Kongsberg and Rolls-Royce, for example. We are rackmount systems and solutions designed and built to enabling world-class applications so they can put their customer’s speci? cations. The products are often de- with Diplexer through a Single Antenna connector.

software on top and integrate with the sensors. Stable signed and tested to meet harsh environmental condi- • Optional Power over Ethernet 802.3af interface, hardware platform; that’s our business,” said Aase. tions including, dust, humidity, extended temperature, and standard PC I/O interfaces.

Central to the RECAB business plan is building shock, vibration and EMC-requirements. • Recessed IP-65 shielded compartment for USB computers and systems that literally are on the move, dongle and/or service port.

whether on the ground, in the air or at sea. Its four ma- RECAB MPU (Maritime Processing Unit) • Designed and tested for Maritime applications, jor markets served include maritime and offshore, avi- The RECAB MPU (Maritime Processing Unit) is de- including oil and gas sector.

onics, defense and communications. signed to be versatile; easy to change or add hardware • Wide operating temperature range: -10 to

In particular the company specialized in building Ad- functionality such as AIS or other GPS system mod- +60° C ambient temperature.

vanced Modular Computers, scalable system with mega ules. This ? exibility enables deployment in several • Completely sealed unit, water resistant processing power for use in scienti? c, engineering or other application areas. using rugged IP-65 connectors.

subsea arenas. According to Aase, about 30 to 35% of • Compact and scalable fanless high • Wide range DC input (9–30 VDC). Power its business comes from the combined maritime niche, performance Maritime Processing Unit using supply designed for harsh maritime with the subsea industry and its thirst for advance com- Intel Ivy Bridge Core i3. environments with unstable power sources.

puting solutions a ripe market for penetration. • Flexible design enables a range of optional • Modular backpack-solution with optional

At Norshipping in Oslo earlier this year RECAB sealed modules and functionality to be added. touchscreen.

the deal via a contract with AKVA group ASA for deliv- Examples include DGPS, AIS receiver, UHF radio 79

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