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BILCON-X operation does not require labor tion in new ships, and it is small enough to

Air Conditioning Diesel Engines Exhaust Gas

Taiyo Electric Co., Ltd. and can condense ship bilge to one-tenth be installed on exhaust gas pipes.

This system supplies stable AC power to


Ushio Reinetsu Co., Ltd.

in 24 hours. the vessel which is obtained from the vari-

Inverter control of fan improves the com-

Mitsubishi Heavy Industries E-mail: ous sources, contributing to users’ energy fort of the accommodation space and can


Marine Machinery & Engine saving and maintenance cost savings. The obtain energy savings by setting the rota- output of this system has the same electric UEC Eco-Engines are Japan’s only diesel

Boilers, Auxilary & Economizers tion speed corresponding to each operation characteristic as diesel generators, and engines for large ships that are developed

Exhaust Gas Heat Recovery Unit mode. Compared with the damper con-

Mitsubishi Heavy Industries therefore can be operated as a single run- entirely in-house, developed in response to trolled, there is about a 57% reduction of

Miura Co., Ltd.

Marine Machinery & Engine ning unit or in parallel running with the diesel the global tightening of emissions controls. the ratio in the energy equivalent. And there

The GK-G exhaust gas heat recovery unit

Auxiliary Boilers feature simple and com- generators. They achieve the high levels of thermal ef? - is a reduction of 53.1ton CO2 / year.

works with a composite boiler to recover pact design with a small footprint due to ciency through the electronic control of fuel the waste heat from the G/E for use as a top-? ring burner design, high reliability and

E-mail: injection, exhaust valve action, and startup

E-mail: heat source. It can contribute signi? cantly long lifetime, as well as easy maintenance. and cylinder lubrication. The Selective Cata- to saving space and reducing fuel costs.

The boilers feature bare tube with in-line ar- lytic Reeducation (SCR) system enables

Coolers, Oil

The GK-G makes effective use of the nor-

Autopilot rangement and the soot blower is reliable, denigration even of low-temperature ex- mally unused exhaust heat from auxiliary

Ushio Reinetsu Co., Ltd. with easy and safe operation.

Tokyo Keiki Inc.

haust gas of about 250. It can reduce the generators, enabling it to be used as a heat

The low viscosity of the sulphur fuels may

The model PR-9000 is the latest autopilot NOx in exhaust gas to meet the IMO Tier source.

cause engine troubles. This MGO Cooling

E-mail: system from TOKYO KEIKI designed using regulation without taking away from the

System solution helps achieve both low sul- the latest technology to enhance accuracy excellent fuel ef? ciency. A low pressure Ex-

E-mail: phur and low viscosity.

and reliability of information in the model haust Gas Recirculation (EGR) system uses

Osaka Boiler Mfg. Co., Ltd. lineup, thereby improving situational aware- a scrubber to remove SOx and particulate

Osaka Boiler’s ‘OH series’ Hybrid Boiler re-


Fresh Water Generating Plant ness and navigational safety. An indispens- matter. It is also an exhaust gas recircula- covers waste heat from Main Diesel Engine able autopilot system provides effective tion system that can meet the next IMO

Sasakura Engineering Co.

and Diesel Generator Engine simultaneously

Diesel Engines, Propulsion and safe bridge resource management and Tierregulations.

The VVC distiller system has four main or from Diesel Generator Engine indepen- energy ef? cient navigation. components; a horizontal tube, thin-? lm

The Hanshin Diesel Works dently. The OH series are adaptable for new E-mail: evaporator; a rotary blower and a back-up building and retro? t. Engine and propulsion systems manufac- heater. The unit’s vacuum is maintained by turer Hanshin Diesel Works has recently de- a small pump. Features include scale-free

Eco-Friendly Product

E-mail: veloped electronically controlled low speed

Yokogawa Denshikiki Co., horizontal tubular evaporator, maintenance- four-stroke diesel engines that reduce fuel

PT900 is the next generation autopilot with

MOL Techno-Trade, Ltd.

free and compact type heat-pump, as well oil consumption by electronically controlling a modern controlled fuel saving function

MOL Techno-Trade, Ltd. developed air actu- as evaporation capable of being operated the fuel injection pattern in partial load. The (BNAAC/E- Course Pilot). The 7 inch LCD

Boiler Burners ate Garbage Compactor AGC-which is avail- by only electricity.

system reduces fuel oil consumption by allows navigation information and autopilot able to compress various waste materials

Sun? ame Co., Ltd. 3-5% in comparison with the conventional parameters to be con? rmed and changed such as plastic ? lm and beverage cans and

Dual Fuel Burner, LNG & HFO/MGO

E-mail: mechanically controlled system. very easily.

bottles by using compression air onboard.

The dual fuel burner for HFO / MGO and

LNG combustion designed by Sun? ame fea-



Sasakura Engineering Co.

Email: tures low NOx and O2, HFO 700cSt, MGO

The Double-Effect plant is a compact, heat 1.5cSt & LNG, good mixture of LNG & air, ef? cient seawater distilling plant with two

Ballast Water Management

Diesel United, Ltd.

Economizers, Steam Turbines, adjustable ? ame shape, designed for boil- chambers of ? rst and second effect in a

Low-speed Low-pressure Dual fuel engine ers up to 9t., and turn down 10:1.

Ecomarine Technology

Auxiliary Boiler Heat Recovery single shell. The triple-effect plant contains

X-DF applies the premixed lean burn tech- http://www.sun?

Research Association Mitsubishi Heavy Industries three chambers and is an even more ef- nology and can meet IMO Tier requirement

E-mail: info@sun?

Ecomarine Technology Research Asso- ? cient plant. As a heat source, either the without the exhaust gas after-treatment.

Marine Machinery & Engine ciation (ETRA), run by Hitachi Zosen Cor- waste heat from a diesel engine jacket cool-

X-DF offers lower Capex and Opex due to no

Mitsubishi Energy Recovery System (MERS)

Volcano Co., Ltd.

poration and Sumitomo Electric Industries ing water or steam can be used. Between requirement of a high pressure compressor. is a waste heat recovery system that gener-

The “MJ-M” fully automated pressure jet

Ltd., has developed an electro-chlorination 40-200 tons per day capacity can be pro- ates power from marine engines’ exhaust proportional control burner allows energy

Ballast Water Treatment System (BWTS) vided.

Email: gas energy, recovered though the optimal saving operation with composite boiler.

ECOMRINE EC, maximizing the combination control of the combination of exhaust gas

Features include proportional control (turn of the ? ltration and electrolytic technology

E-mail: and steam turbines, lowering a ship’s fuel

Daihatsu Diesel Mfg. Co., Ltd. down ratio / 3:1), allowing for reducing the ship structure expertise. ETRA is planning costs.

The 6DE-18 and 6DE-23 have been devel- burner ON/OFF switching and improving the to reorganize into a joint-stock company

Gas Engine oped as engines featuring energy saving, boiler ef? ciency.

upon the acquisition of IMO type approval

E-mail: low maintenance cost and have a high

Kawasaki Heavy Industries and then introduce ECOAMRINE EC systems potential for meeting stricter exhaust gas

In April 2014, Kawasaki Heavy Industries,

E-mail: with high ef? ciency and low power con- regulations in the future, of course IMO NOx

Energy Saving Device

Ltd. obtained type approval from DNV-GL sumption into the market, together with an

Tier II compliant. The engines have achieved for Green Gas Engine L30KG — the main

UV type BWTS ECOMARINE UV developed

Fluid Techno Co., Ltd.

Cables & Wires, Electrical top-class fuel ef? ciency thorough weight- engine for large vessels fueled solely by and marketed by Sumitomo Electric. The pre-swirl energy saving device Eco-

Hien Electric Industries, Ltd. saving and optimized design.

gas with an output capacity of over 2 MW. Stator includes 4 or 5 stators welded to the

Halogen-free Flame-retardant cables offer a

Green Gas Engine L30KG can reduce emis-

E-mail: stern tube radially upper part of axis before high degree of toughness as they protect

E-mail: sions far below the level set by IMO NOx the propeller. The in? ow into the propeller against external impact. Their steel wire

Tier III regulations without relying on special around the stern of ship is recti? ed and

Miura Co., Ltd.

braid protects against sparks during weld- equipment such as an SCR system.

Yanmar Co., Ltd. swirled against the propeller running direc-

Miura manufactures ship machinery includ- ing, and a plastic coating protects against

This engine’s dual fuel capability offers re- tion with stators, contributing to reduce loss ing auxiliary boilers, thermal oil heaters, steel wire corrosion.

marine/machinery/index.html dundancy and continual operation either in due to rotational ? ow by the running propel- incinerators, fresh water generators, com-

E-mail: the gas or diesel mode, changing over auto- ler. The output of main engine is reduced at pounds for boiler treatment, as well as pro-

E-mail: matically should either mode become lost. same ship speed and attainable reduction viding parts and maintenance of products.

Marine Solar Power

In addition, the micro-pilot with its intense ratio of output with Eco-Stator is by 3-5%.

The company now also sells ballast water

Clutch energy ensures stable ignition capability. As E-mail: mtamashima@?

Eco Marine Power Co., Ltd. management systems which adopts the ? l- a result, since the capability to cope with

Hitachi Nico Transmission ter + UV method. Aquarius Marine Solar Power is an integrat- faulty ? ring is enhanced, the application to

A large hydraulic clutch has been devel-

Engine Telegraphs & Loggers ed renewable energy system for ships that the direct-coupling main engine with varied oped as the technological development

E-mail: includes a computer system, energy stor-

Kei System Co., Ltd. speed is made possible. aid project by The Nippon Foundation. age solution and marine solar power array.

The data logger system displays informa-

Selectable for two kinds of clutch plate

Energy collected via the marine solar panel

Bearings tion by connecting with GPS via serial com-

E-mail: (1100mm and 1500mm), if offers six array or string of photovoltaic panels can munication. The system con? rms the fuel

Mikasa Corporation times transmitting capacity compared with be used to power a DC load, provide back- cost in real time inboard, displaying fuel

F.F.Bearing (Friction-Free-Bearing) mini- experienced clutch plate, 810mm max. up power or be connected to an AC load

Nigata Power Systems Co.

consumption rate per day (tonnage), dis- mizes both shaft sleeve and bearing wear.

Appropriate for 20000kw class of large

The 28AHX-DF is an environmentally friendly via an inverter, thus any ship can tap into tance of cruise per a ton of fuel (mile) and

Water lubricating systems are available as vessel.

engine, satisfying IMO Tier III NOx regula- the clean and renewable energy provided fuel consumption rate per hour. an alternative to oil lubricating systems. tions. It uses clean gas combustion, making by the sun.

Changing to F.F. Bearing results in reduced it possible to meet the new regulations with-

E-mail: fuel consumption, lower vibration, lower

Control Systems & Equipment out the need for an exhaust gas processing E-mail: noise levels, less maintenance cost and no reactor.The 28AHX-DF offers both gas and

JRCS Mfg Co., Ltd.

Exhaust Gas Cleaning System possibility of sea contamination.

diesel operation modes. It can be instantly

Navigation Lights

J-S / Eco applies a smart frequency drive

Fuji Electric Co., Ltd. switched at full load from gas to diesel op- system which controls the speed of the mo-

Nippon Sento Co., Ltd.


EGCS is an alternative for SOx regulatory eration, ensuring safe ship operation even tor of the main cooling sea water pumps

Provider of Highly reliable design of LED compliance consisting of a wet scrubber in emergency situations. The 28AHX-DF is at the most ef? cient point. It enables power light sources, with vibration-proof character-

Bilge Water Treatment System and electrostatic precipitator. The analyzer reported to be the world’s ? rst FPP directly consumed by the motors to be reduced to istics and projection-free lamp windows, ulti- continuously monitors SO2 and CO2 con- culpable gas engine.

Volcano Co., Ltd. minimum levels, resulting in lower fuel con- mately providing power saving and long life.

centrations which are requested to measure

Bilge concentrator BILCON-X was devel- sumption. in the EGCS Guideline. The system’s com-

E-mail: oped to contribute to the reduction of cost

E-mail: pact size facilitates retro? tting and installa- and labor at landing. The fully automatic

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