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Cleaner Eliminates Need

Adhesive-Bonded Fasteners for Multiple Solutions

Click Bond’s ABS Type-approved fasteners are at-

The eco-friendly tached using structural adhesives that are resistant

Oil Eater Original to saltwater and hydraulic ? uids. The chemical cleaner/degreaser barrier inhibits galvanic corrosion. Each fastener is ideal for ma- includes an installation ? xture that holds the part rine maintenance in place under positive pressure, optimizing bond while eliminating strength while the adhesive cures. The fasteners of-

Maersk Orders Advisory Software the need for mul- fer reduced holes, stronger structures, greater work

ABB and MeteoGroup won an order to out? t 140 tiple solutions. The sequence ? exibility and require no hot work.

Maersk container vessels with software to optimize cleaner quickly routes. The deal will see ABB combine its Octopus disperses grease, motion-monitoring, forecasting and decision-sup- oil and grime from port software, with MeteoGroup’s SPOS Seekeep- bilges, engines and ing plug-in. Once ? tted on the ships, it will enable decks. Proprietary captains to de? ne onboard loading conditions and anti-corrosion chemistry guards against damaging accurately determine areas of the ocean where their surfaces. The cleaner is water-based, non-? amma- ship’s motion is likely to exceed threshold values. ble, biodegradable and contains no acids, abrasives

Routes can then be optimized automatically to skirt or petroleum solvents. It penetrates rapidly, rinses adverse conditions, ensuring cargo arrives safely off easily, leaves no residue and will not harm ? - and on-time at its destination port.



Scienco/FAST is an original equipment manufacturer

TPS/i Robotics: specializing in marine sewage devices, environmentally-

Automated Welding Rede? ned friendly cleaners and other industrial water management

Fronius is launching the new TPS/i Robotics power technologies. These MSDs treat sewage and ensure com- source, which is designed to meet the demands of pliance with ever-changing regulations. Scienco/FAST robot-assisted welding. Thanks to its interconnect- has several different models to offer, depending on physi- ed and fully synchronized system components, it is cal footprint, weight of operating unit, access for retro? t designed to enable robotic welding to be performed installations, and price. Every system is functionally test- faster and with a higher degree of reproducibility. ed before shipping to ensure performance and eliminate

A crucial role is played by the modi? ed dip transfer service issues. In its 30th anniversary, Scienco/FAST’s arc (LSC - Low Spatter Control) and the modi? ed commitment to environmental stewardship is providing pulsed arc (PMC - Pulse Multi Control), which superior sewage and water management systems that give the welder a signi? cantly higher level of con- lessen the impacts of wastewater in waterways. The MarineFAST is the result of decades of experience to trol over the arc.

provide the best environmental sanitation technology and continually requested by vessel owners and chief engineers. Since the ? rst installation in 1969 on board the M/V Missouri Tugboat, MarineFAST Sewage Treat- ment Systems have been installed on myriad workboats and offshore facilities to provide total sewage treat- ment, pretreatment, and (in some cases) water reuse opportunities. Scienco/FAST takes pride in the fact that these certi? ed, Type II Marine Sanitation Devices (MSD) and Systems are installed on some of the ‘greenest’ ships in the world.

MacGregor’s Lashings Storage System

MacGregor, part of Cargotec, has developed a new 40-foot ? at rack loose lashings storage system designed to make better use of available deck space. MacGregor said its new ? at rack system meets ISO standards and can accommodate a total of 16 storage bins that are color-coded for twistlocks, midlocks, stackers and damaged products. Two ? at racks stacked on top of each other and connected with twistlocks are the equivalent dimensions of a high cube container (9.5-ft.). Flat rack is operated as a standard container and other containers can be loaded on top of it. As usual for ? at racks, it should only be lifted from the top corner ? ttings with a spreader lifting frame or from the bottom corner ? ttings with suitable lifting gear. 71

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