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Great Ships of 2015

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ECO’s Offshore Construction Vessel

Images: Jan Einar Saunes

Owner: Island Ventures II LLC (Island Offshore/Edison Chouest)

Length o.a. 159.8m

Breadth 30 m machinery is split into three separate en-

Ulstein’s Largest Offshore

Draft max. 9 m gine rooms to provide redundancy. NOx

Deadweight, approx. 13,800 dwt

Construction Vessel

Machinery Diesel-electric propulsion 6.6kV, 60Hz, 19,400ekW emission on the vessels is reduced with a

Designer: Ulstein Design & Solutions AS

Speed, max. 14 knots

Builder: Ulstein Verft AS

SCR catalyst system.

Redundancy/DP 3-split, dual redundancy, DP3

Owner: Island Ventures 5 LLC

ABB supplies the complete electrical


Ulstein Verft in Norway builds its larg-

Moon Pool 11.2 m x 12 m est offshore construction vessel ever, power and propulsion system package

Offshore crane 400t, reach 19m, max depth 4,000m comprising medium voltage generators, an ULSTEIN SX165 design, for U.S.-

Deck 9,000t/2380sq.m.

switchboards, transformers, frequency

Fuel oil 2435 cu.m.

based Edison Chouest Offshore (ECO) converters and propulsion motors. ABB’s

Fresh water 1190 cu.m.

and Island Offshore of Norway, through advanced power system is capable of

Ballast/Drill water 10,525 cu.m.

the company Island Ventures II LLC. A running the system in closed ring in DP3.

Brine 1045 cu.m.

sistership is being built in the U.S. at ABB’s remote diagnostic system (RDS)

Helideck 26.1m, 12.8t

Tasks/Details Vessel is prepared for well operations including well interventions.

Edison Chouest Offshore’s own LaShip is used, which helps to reduce repair time

Vessel out? tted according to SPS Code for 200 people onboard.

shipyard in Houma, La. This contract of installations and improve operational

Built according to highest present standard for energy awareness and emissions. includes options. The ? rst vessel, Island

Classi? cation ABS safety, and capable of providing immedi-

Venture, was to be launched in August, ate 24/7 assistance from a global techni-

Class notation +A1, Circle E, Offshore Support Vessel (Supply-HNLS), ROV, AMS, ACCU,

DPS-3 SKP (a,b,c,d,e,f), HAB(WB), HDC, HLC, CRC, BWT, MLC-ACCOM, NIBS, POT, ENVIRO, GP, and will be managed by Edison Chouest. cal centre. ABS has been selected to class


The vessels, the largest for Ulstein so far, this next-generation OCVs.

Main engines Caterpillar measure 145.7m in length and are 28m 3 Main Azimuth Thrusters Schottel

ABB supplied the main switchboard wide. The vessels can accommodate 200 2 x Bow thrusters: Brunvoll 6.6kV and the frequency converters for 2 x Retractable thrusters: Brunvoll people. Onboard, there are two cranes the three main propeller motors (3 x

Switchboards UPC with a lifting capacity of 400 tons and 3300Kw), the retractable thrusters (2 x

Offshore cranes: NOV 400T OG 140T.

140 tons respectively. The bigger crane 2500Kw) and 2 Bow tunnel thrusters (2

DP and integrated bridge: Marine Technologies is ? tted with a 3,000 m long cable. In a

Design ULSTEIN DESIGN & SOLUTIONS AS x 2200Kw). ABB supplied also the Inte-

DESIGN SX-165 centrally located hangar, there is a record grated Automation System.

Main generator ABB AS large moon pool measuring 10.2 x 12 “What regards the vessel to be built in

Main diesel genset Pon Power Scandinavia m, and two smaller moon pools for the the USA, the building project is on hold,

Umbilical LARS Ulmatec Stromek operation of ROVs. The diesel-electric due to the market situation.”

Lifeboats, Davit, FRB Harding Safety AS 32 Maritime Reporter & Engineering News • DECEMBER 2015

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