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Racing Toward USCG Approval

Optimarin reports it has become the ? rst UV system supplier to meet USCG marine water requirements, positioning the company for full USCG approval in 2016. In a series of land-based tests, both the standard

Image: Transas

MPN (regrowth) method and the more exacting FDA/

CMFDA, or ‘instant kill’, benchmark were successful- ly assessed, the company said. Optimarin’s system uses

Transas: High Voltage

UV irradiation and back-? ushing ? lters to wipe out invasive organisms that stow away in ballast. Systems

Training Breaker employing UV lamps have so far proven their ability He explained, “Each of our lamps has a 35kw capac- to meet the MPN standard, rendering organisms un- ity. This, quite literally, kills any potentially harmful

In response to recent STCW requirements, Transas able to reproduce, but, Optimarin noted that until now, invasive organisms straightaway. Other systems may launched a high voltage training solution for ma- none has achieved the instant kill capability demanded neutralize them in a way where they die eventually, rine engineering and electrical training.

by USCG. “We’ve been developing our system since but ours does it before they are deposited back into the

The new rules require training to be conducted us- founding the company in 1994 and we believe, and water. USCG is pushing for these stringent demands, ing real equipment, leading Transas to partner with testing shows, we have a market leading solution for challenging the industry to meet requirements and safe-

ABB for the development of a real hardware high vessels in our segment,” said Tore Andersen, CEO, Op- guard the environment.” voltage generator breaker cabinet compatible with timarin. Andersen added that this technical ef? cacy, in addi- the Transas ERS 5000 TechSim simulators with

Testing of Optimarin’s system was carried out by tion to the ? rm’s established success with retro? ts, de- high and medium voltage systems. The Transas

DNV GL at the NIVA test facility in Norway. Further livers “complete peace of mind” for shipowners forced

High Voltage Training Breaker is designed to train tests of remaining water salinities are now scheduled to comply with both USCG regulations and the upcom- high voltage switchboard operations, electricity for spring 2016, after which point approval is expected ing rati? cation of the IMO’s Ballast Water Manage- and work planning, identi? cation of hazards, emer- later in the year, according to Optimarin, who is invest- ment Convention.

gency procedures, de? nition of circuit condition, ing $3 million in the comprehensive approval program. and many other operations. Transas said it also allows users to gain knowledge of circuits/power feeds/emergency shutdown and isolation devices, familiarize with company protocols, the use of high voltage test equipment and Personal Protec- tive Equipment (PPE), as well as to understand safety as a personal responsibility.

Type II

Marine Sanitaon Device

Quiet, Camou? aged STS Cranes

U.S. Coastguard Cer%ed • I.M.O. Cer%ed

Delivered in Oslo

Two quiet eco-ef? cient Konecranes Ship-to-Shore (STS) cranes have been handed over to the Port of

Oslo, Norway. They have been painted with a spe- cially designed color scheme so that they blend in with the surrounding seashore and landscape. The

Oslo Sjursoya container terminal is located close to densely populated areas in Oslo. The terminal takes its environmental responsibility very seri- ously, especially its noise emissions and carbon dioxide footprint. The cranes are equipped with

LED lights for improved eco-ef? ciency. They have • Constructed of HD High Density Polythylene twin-lift operation for maximum handling capac- • Lightweight ity, a lifting capacity of 64 tons, and an outreach • 4, 12, 16 & 32 Person Systems of 40m.

• Corrosion free • Maintenance Free • Simple Installa%on • Operates as a Biological AerobicSewage

Treatment, Elimina%ng Foul Odors • Conforms to the Clean Water Act is the world’s #1

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