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And such through-the-line ef? ciency, continually spring from Fontarosa: The “By presenting this vital information ing and the wider industry to car own-

Fontarosa remarks, is key to “the new ‘ef? ciency’ that comes with global reach in one package, from one source, cus- ers. “And when people are buying a new breed” of international ship operator. and scale, the ‘standards’ that one uni- tomers get the intelligence they need, car,” he comments, “they’re not think- “If you look at the evolution of the in- ? ed international operation can deliver when they need it,” Fontarosa stresses, ing about the road. But you take away dustry over the past decade there’s been for shipowners, and, the ? nal one, ‘intel- “rather than being swamped by a million that road, or give them one that’s full of a shift from traditional maritime to more ligence.’ “Translating the vast amount different emails from a range of different potholes, and then they notice. So we’re business orientated values,” he states. of information from our ports across the companies all round the world. working behind the scenes in a way, en- “Customers today expect ships agents to world into relevant intelligence yields “It’s streamlined, intuitive and intelli- suring the smoothest, most ef? cient turn understand their entire business, not just real competitive advantages for our cus- gent, setting a new standard for adding around in port. That’s a fundamentally the vessel. That means they want us to tomers,” he says. When asked what he value to ships agency deliverables.” important role within the industry.” have an overview of their entire point- means by this he responds with an expla- In addition, Trade Talk Desk is an em- As the interview draws to an end, to-point trade, but also the needs of their nation of WSS’ Trade Talk Desk. bodiment of the future of the ship agen- WSS’ Ships Agency Director Americas customers – the person who they’re ship- “That encapsulates our added value/ cy business. “I foresee the future ships reveals that he is as almost as global as ping the products or commodities for. intelligence proposition,” and is an area agent to develop into a relevant source his employer.

WSS’ global reach and resources allow for investment for the company, Fon- of local market intelligence information “I was born in France, to an Italian us to achieve this.” tarosa said. “In 2013 WSS created the enabling customer to make sound com- mother and Spanish father, moved to

In assessing the evolution of the busi- Trade Talk Desk in four strategic loca- mercial decision,” said Fontarosa. To the U.S. to study, liked it and stayed. Af- ness, Fontarosa has a long history per- tions around the world – here in Hous- this end, “WSS is investing in dedicated ter graduating I’ve lived and worked in sonally and institutionally from which ton, Singapore, Geneva and Dubai. The people and system (Trade Talk Desk) the Caribbean, Scandinavia, the Middle to draw. “Ships agency, and shipping in desks, which work across their time who will become customer central focal East, Southern Europe and now I’m back general, remain a very traditional busi- zones to give our customers 24-hour point of contact for local market intelli- in the U.S.” He laughs: “That interna- ness,” Fontarosa said. “If I was to point coverage, deliver relevant, timely and gence.” tional perspective gives me a foundation out one element that drove changes into accurate information to our customers. to understand and adapt to different busi- the industry, it would be the arrival of They structure this data and package it On the Right Road ness cultures and the opportunities and internet and its various means of com- in a way that is easy to understand and Despite his passion and obvious en- challenges they represent. WSS is the munication which brought more trans- access.” This information is broad-based thusiasm for his cause, Fontarosa is can- same. Its global understanding and local parency.” and comprehensive, covering everything did enough to admit that “seen against knowledge helps it provide the best ser- from port news and port facilities devel- the totality of the shipping industry, vices to all its customers.

Intelligence to the Fore opments, through to cargo statistics, ves- ships agency is somewhere near the bot- “And, when it comes down to it, that’s

When outlining the bene? ts of his sel line-ups and breaking news, such as a tom of the food chain.” what is most important in this industry, ? rm there’s a coterie of keywords that port closure due to bad weather. He likens the segment to road build- and any other, the people.”


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