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Green Marine Technology

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Having sat in the editor’s seat of Maritime Reporter & Engi-

Web Contributor

Michelle Howard neering News for more than 20 years, it is always a thrill when we are able to ‘step out’ and present something we’ve never


Joseph Fonseca - India done before. As this is the ‘Sea Japan’ edition, it is my honor

Claudio Paschoa - Brazil

Peter Pospiech - Germany to present a one-on-one interview with VADM Satoshi NAKA-

JIMA, Japan Coast Guard, who shares with Maritime Reporter

Production & Engineering News not only the rich history and current

Irina Vasilets

Nicole Ventimiglia status of the service, but also the drivers for investment and the

Corporate Staff challenges faced by the Japan Coast Guard in a rapidly chang-

Mark O’Malley, Public Relations

Esther Rothenberger, Accounting ing and sometimes contentious atmosphere. Our interview with

Information Technology

VADM Satoshi NAKAJIMA starts on page 50.

Vladimir Bibik

Emin Tule

While the Japan Coast Guard interview is unique in these pages, there are several additional areas of coverage you have

Subscription seen many times ... and are sure to see many more times: The

Kathleen Hickey

Environment and Training & Education.

Environmental mandates are shaping nearly every sector of


Lucia Annunziata the maritime market, from the way in which ships are de- +1 212 477 6700

Terry Breese signed, built, out? tted and operated during their lifecycle. To +1 561 732 1185

Frank Covella this end our ‘Green Marine Solutions’ section, starting on page +1 561 732 1659

Mitch Engel 40, is ? lled with stories on the way in which several maritime +1 561 732 0312

Mike Kozlowski companies are leading the charge toward zero emissions. It +1 561 733 2477

Dawn Trauthwein does not stop there, instead it really starts on page 20 with a +1 631 472 2715

Jean Vertucci series of three articles featuring topical conversation regarding +1 212 477 6700 latest decisions on emerging maritime fuels, from methanol to

LNG to Biofuels.

International Sales


Training & Education is another recurring theme in our pag-

Roland Persson

Orn Marketing AB, Box 184 , S-271 24 es. On page 14 we have the third and ? nal installment of Mur-

Ystad, Sweden t: +46 411-184 00 f: +46 411 105 31 ray Goldberg’s trilogy on “Continuous Improvement.” Starting

Western Europe on page 26 we have a 14-page section dedicated mainly to the

Uwe Riemeyer t: +49 202 27169 0 f: +49 202 27169 20 latest trends and technologies in the ? eld of maritime simula-

United Kingdom tion.

Paul Barrett

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