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Green Marine Technology

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commitment to invest in it (new technol- But the investment didn’t stop after the were installed, simulators that interact that it can simulate three ATBs running ogy) every year. We budget for it every simulation center opened, as Bouchard directly with the full bridge mission sim- simultaneously.

year and we will upgrade it every year has pledged annual investment in the fa- ulator to practice docking and undock- “Mr. Bouchard was clear from the out- with more charts and modern equipment. cility to ensure that is continually updat- ing with assist (tractor or conventional) set that he would continue to invest and

Training and Safety is central to all that ed and improved. To that end, last month tugs, for example. In addition, the Class develop this facility,” Johansson con- we do.” a pair of Class D desktop simulators D models can be con? gured as ATBs, so cluded.

Bouchard summed up his company’s stance on the importance of training and safety succinctly: “Training and educa-

Visit us tion is 200% more today. You cannot be pro? table in this industry unless you are at OTC Booth safe; you cannot be safe unless you train. 1877

But that’s not only in the simulator, it’s every day on these vessels. The captains in our company are held to the highest

On Board Ship Designed and Approved Nitrogen standards to be safe, and that is the only É*ÊÊÊUÊÊÊ ?i??V>Ê*À?`ÕVÌÊ/>??iÀÃÊ>?`Ê >À}iÃÊÊÊUÊÊÊ*-"É-,1ÊÊÊUÊÊÊ"-6 way that you can be pro? table.”

Mort Bouchard’s commitment to ®

GENERON designs and manufactures the safety, training and future mariners was most compact and energy ef? cient Nitrogen clearly on display earlier this year on the

Generators, Integrated Compression Packages, day he was conferred his honorary de-

Inert Gas Blanketing Systems and more. gree at SUNY Maritime, as he closely watched three SUNY Maritime Cadets

U New 3 Stage Cartridge Design – Bryan Hinton, Kelly Paseka, and Ka-

U 95% to 99.999% Purity meron Knight, each one a recipient of

U Retro? t Designs the Morton S. Bouchard Jr. scholarship, Dew Point of - 70F Standard

U named in honor of Mort Bouchard’s father – run the “Danielle Bouchard” 30% Smaller Footprint

U through her paces in a realistic simula- Custom Open Frame or Skidded Designs

U tion scenario set in the Port of New York.

For more information contact:

Continuous Investment ...

Modern simulator technology has dra- +01-713-937-5200 matically impacted the means and ef? -

Nitrogen Open Skid Compressed Air Package Nitrogen Cabinet ciency to train modern mariners, but as is the case with any new technology, regu- lar investments in updates is required to maintain a speci? c facility’s technologi- cal edge.

At the time of the simulator’s initial installation, Eric Johansson, SUNY

Maritime’s Vice Chairman, Professional

Education & Training Department, said,

SUPPORTING SAFE “The Bouchard investment with Mari- time College is a testament to Boucha-

AND RELIABLE OPERATIONS rd’s generosity true commitment to safe- ty and Maritime Colleges commitment to the towing industry. The Kongsberg

Tug Barge Simulator is speci? cally built to serve the towing industry bene? ting mariners from cadet to captain.”

This commitment exceeded simply writing a check.

Bouchard was closely invoved with

Kongberg in providing operating pa- rameters and information regarding its tugs (the simulator has models for 4,000, 6,000 and 10,000 hp tugs) and their asso-

Supporting safe and reliable operations

K-Sim Ofshore is specially designed to train in best practice and to build competence in even the ciated barges. According to Johansson, most demanding operations. It integrates an advanced physics engine, which in addition to advanced after the system was set up, Bouchard hydrodynamic modelling, allows vessels, objects and equipment to behave and interact realistically, improving the quality of training. Experience enhanced realism through advanced 3D modelling on brought in its captains to run the simu- our 6 DOF models. With the ability to fully integrate with real DP and anchor handling equipment, lated vessels through their paces, and

KONGSBERG is able to deliver the Full Picture.

return to Kongsberg with comments and suggestions so that the ? nal simulation models would be as close as possible to real-world conditions. 33

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