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Green Marine Technology

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PBES to begin

Norwegian production early 2016

By Grant Brown, Vice President Marketing, “We’ve learned that doing things right from the beginning will save

Plan B Energy Storage a lot of money and headaches later on as our company scales up production with the right infrastructure in place.” lan B Energy Storage (PBES) will begin manufac- turing batteries in Trondheim, Norway early in

P2016 to better meet demand from Northern Eu- – Brent Perry, CEO, PBES ropean markets.

PBES, known for its team of highly quali? ed and ex- perienced engineers, has developed what they call Safe

Energy Storage: the ability to fully contain thermal events in a battery that would simply destroy other systems. This dominate the Northern European energy storage indus- technology expert. His efforts in bringing battery technol- patent pending system has been vetted and validated by try. “We’ve done it before,” said Perry, “we are doing it ogy to the commercial marine sector have lead to the cre- leaders in commercial marine propulsion systems and be- again, only this time we are even more focussed on the ation of the electric marine industry. He has been directly gins production in Trondheim early in 2016.

needs of our partners and customers.” involved in virtually all of the most signi? cant hybrid and “PBES is well poised for manufacturing and deploy-

Perry, who recently spoke at the COP21 United Nations electric marine systems on the water today and has been ment in Europe,” commented PBES chief executive of-

Climate Change Conference, is a lithium battery safety and called the Elon Musk of the marine industry. ? cer Brent Perry.“We’ve learned that doing things right from the beginning will save a lot of money and head- aches later on as our company scales up production with the right infrastructure in place.” “Engineering our battery’s unique thermal stability and safety was very challenging for our team. Laying down the manufacturing with the right people is also hard. Being able to manufacture and service the product ef? ciently is the next challenge, and we’ve executed on all three in a short period of time.”

PBES nabbed industry veteran Erik Ianssen, former

CEO of Selfa Arctic AS, to spearhead the company’s in- dustrial marine markets in Norway. A boat builder known for his innovations, such as the fully electric ? shing ves- sel Elmax 1099, Ianssen has a reputation for best-in-class quality products and has extensive knowledge of the local marine business.

“The opening of the Norwegian of? ce of PBES could not have come at a better time,” said Ianssen. “As the mar- ket for energy storage in Europe rapidly grows, it makes sense to have local production, distribution and service.

The proximity to the market will enhance the level and speed of service we are able to provide. With the PBES energy storage system, we will continue to help players in the marine industry become sustainable, both environ- mentally and economically.” In addition to Ianssen, the rest of the business develop- ment staff at PBES is also world class. Internally referred to as the solutions team, they consist of other industry ex- perts from a variety of backgrounds, all focussed on ? nd- ing the right energy storage solution for their customer’s speci? c application. The mantra of providing solutions for their customers extends to all areas of the company.

Everything from engineering a best in class product, to providing best in class supportis looked at from the per- spective of service to the customer. PBES is poised to 43

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