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Green Marine Technology

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GREEN MARINE SOLUTIONS there, but they’re being put into the ing its production operation here under Lithium batteries are prone to over- say are “the template for energy storage wrong applications,” says PBES Glob- the business leadership of a Norwegian heating. If rated to 4.7 volts, each cell the next twenty years.” al’s vice-president of marketing, Grant CEO known for launching dozens of may not go beyond that. At 5.4 V, shorts As we wrote these lines, four parked

Brown. Skyping us from a Starbucks in ? shing vessels, including a battery-only on the inside can reach thermal runaway Norwegian electric buses were being

B.C., Canada, Brown con? rms PBES is trawler. “which is unstoppable in a standard lith- heavily damaged by ? re attributed to nearing battery production in Norway. “We’re working with the top ? ve in- ium battery.” overnight charging. In Sweden, a violent

With cash dispersals from stately in- tegrators, the big players with thousands “One cell goes and the adjacent cells explosion forced authorities to stop some cubator entity, Enova, companies will of employees with whom we’ve devel- do it too. On a boat, it’s a very bad place battery R&D. Discharged hydrogen gas be paid to do battery R&D in Norway, oped relations over years,” says Brown. for this to happen,” says Brown. PBES building up in con? ned spaces is also a helped by contributions from charter- “They’re validating what we’re doing by has commercialized its “thermal run- worry. In the PBES battery, cooling sys- ers, operators, yards and the Norwegian coming to Vancouver to observe ? re and away” suppression system for lithium tems are in place and thermal energy is government, with its NOx and climate performance testing, and they’re seeing ion batteries of kilowatt and megawatt “pulled out” to render the battery “like funds. we’ve come up with excellent criteria capacities. The company now has three a brick”.

Under that umbrella, PBES is build- (for testing).” trademark battery safety systems they In a joint statement by the Norwegian

Power banks

Battery cells aboard

Recharge a conceptualized

Artist’s impression of port electric vessel.

battery charging operation. (Images: DNV GL) (Images: DNV GL) 46 Maritime Reporter & Engineering News • MARCH 2016

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