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Japan Coast Guard

In step with Sea Japan 2016, Maritime Reporter & Engineering News had the opportunity to interview

VADM Satoshi NAKAJIMA, Vice Commandant for Operations, Japan Coast Guard.


On May 12, 1948, Mr. Takeo Okubo, ? rst Comman- possible effort to guard waters around the Senkaku Is-

Please discuss the history of the dant of the Maritime Safety Agency, ? ew the agency’s lands and crack down on ? shing boats from other coun-

Japan Coast Guard.

Immediately after the end of World War II, maritime of? cial ? ag on the rooftop ? oor of the of? cial building. tries and regions in those waters, and to deal seamlessly

Today, the JCG commemorates its foundation on May with various suspicious activities, behaviors and other security and the safety of ship operations were both de- teriorated signi? cantly in waters around Japan. Crime 12 every year. occurrences in Japan’s territorial waters, including that surrounding our remote islands and the waters of the became widespread, while marine navigational aids

What are the primary missions of farthest reaches of Japan.

and other establishments were destroyed. Many sea

Second, the JCG will help maintain public order at the Japan Coast Guard?

mines, which threatened ship operations, were planted.

It is the JCG’s mission to ensure maritime safety and sea as stipulated under the rule of law.

To deal with these situations, there was an urgent need security. To share the importance of maintaining public order for Japan to enhance its coast guard capabilities.

To ful? ll this mission, the JCG is performing a wide at sea with other Asian economies, help them enhance

To address these challenges, the government of Japan variety of duties on the stage of vast oceans. While en- their coast guard capabilities and reinforce our coop- was considering establishing a consolidated coast guard hancing our partnerships and cooperation with relevant erative relations with them, we will enrich our newly system. Not by reinforcing existing organizations, To- kyo rather insisted that it set up a single organization domestic authorities and overseas organizations, we launched Maritime Safety and Security Policy Program strive to ensure security; organize rescue operations; (a master’s course) and improve other aspects of our authorized to have centralized control over the manage- ment and operation of vessels and other facilities, and conserve the natural environment; deal with natural education and research infrastructure. We will also or- disasters; conduct marine surveys; gather, manage and ganize workshops on maritime security, hoping that we to comprehensively and wholly supervise all adminis- trative affairs having to do with ensuring the safety of provide information and ensure safety for ship traf? c; will become an international base from which human among others. resources will be cultivated for the ? eld of Asia’s mari- ship navigations and maintaining public order at sea. time security.

In February 1946, United States Coast Guard (USCG)

Our third important task is to defend Japan’s maritime

What are important tasks for the

Capt. Frank Meals came to Japan, providing advice and interests and ensure safety at sea.

JCG in 2016?

recommendations similar to what the government of

First, the JCG will develop a strategic maritime secu- To secure Japan’s maritime interests and ensure safe-

Japan was claiming in those days. As a consequence, rity system. ty at sea, we will continue to promote our extensive and the JCG, which was called the Maritime Safety Agency

We will soundly promote the development of a strate- detailed maritime surveys. We will also enrich a system at that time, was established on May 1, 1948. gic maritime security system to be able to make every and take other actions to be able to analyze and process 50 Maritime Reporter & Engineering News • MARCH 2016

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