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Green Marine Technology

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support solutions is driving a focus on data leading to greater crew ef? ciency software systems. The trend towards Haarvei Ship owners and ship unifying business data on to fewer inte- and opportunities for more shoreside in- condition-driven classi? cation that re- managers are often late in implementing grated platforms so that the data can be tervention and control. quires data and underlying applications new software technology. This allows effectively leveraged. Managing busi- Classi? cation will become more da- to interpret the data will align the inter- us, as maritime software providers, to ness data in a comprehensive way has ta-driven, relying on performance data ests of ship owners and classi? cation glance over at the trends in land-based never been more important. Further, collected and analyzed by sophisticated societies. B2B solutions. It is obvious that there regulatory changes and a focus on per- formance ef? ciencies are driving a focus on accurate data collection, aggregation and analysis. Comprehensive, end-to- end solutions will increasingly de? ne the future of the marine software space.

Haarvei 20 years ago most mari- time software providers focused on a speci? c part of a maritime operation, which often was ship-speci? c. When we developed TM Master V1, it was an on- board solution for Planned Maintenance.

About 15-20 years ago the market start- ed to request solutions that considered the whole ? eet, and not only ship-spe- ci? c operations. The software companies that managed to make this transition sur- vived.

Bruhns There are a number of drivers for evolution of the software side of the marine business. The amount of information that needs to be managed has increased signi? cantly, presenting an increased burden to the operators that need to be managed ef? ciently. The bur- den comes from increased regulations, reporting requirements and requirements for documentation.

Economic pressures increase the need for more comprehensive software solu- tions to optimize operations towards an increased ef? ciency. Software is key to help drive ef? ciency and safety advance- ments. This is the case in regards to lo-

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