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Green Marine Technology

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Bouchard’s Newest ATB Christened in New Orleans ouchard Transportation Co. cel- 2015. The tug, Donna J. Bouchard, was hp twin screw ATB tug and is classed ebrated the naming of the M/V launched at VT Halter’s Moss Point by ABS as +A1 Towing Vessel, Dual

BDonna J. Bouchard and the B. Marine facility in Escatawpa, Miss., Mode ATB, USCG Subchapter M, and

No. 272 at the christening ceremony held on September 15, 2015, and is named is equipped with an Intercon Coupler on Thursday, February 18 in New Or- after the sister of Morton S. Bouchard System. leans. The ceremony began with remarks III. Constructed independently of each Paired with Barge B. No. 272, the unit from Bouchard Transportation Co., Inc. other, and now paired, the M/V Donna J. will be used to transport petroleum prod-

President/CEO, Morton S. Bouchard Bouchard and B. No. 272 are now classi- ucts for Bouchard Transportation.

III, followed by VT Halter Marine and ? ed alongside the Kim. M Bouchard and “Celebrating the christening of the

ExxonMobil/SeaRiver Maritime. Vessel B. No. 270 as the largest vessels to date M/V Donna J. Bouchard and B No. 272 sponsor Joan Lesniewski, wife of Rob- in Bouchard’s ongoing ? eet expansion signi? es another major milestone in de-

Photo: Bouchard Transportation Co.

ert Lesniewski of ExxonMobil/SeaRiver program. veloping a modern, fuel-ef? cient, well-

Maritime, performed the breaking of the These are the second of two Articu- speci? ed, reliable, and most importantly, champagne bottles. lated Tug Barge (ATB) units constructed ft., has a 255,000-barrel capacity, and is safe ? eet, capable of supporting the ex-

The barge, B. No. 272, was launched by VT Halter Marine, Inc., a company of ABS and USCG certi? ed for Jones Act acting requirements of the offshore in- at VT Halter’s Pascagoula Operations Vision Technologies Systems, Inc. service. dustry around the world,” said Morton in Pascagoula, Miss., on November 20, The B. No. 272 measures 628 x 91 x 47 The Donna J. Bouchard is a 10,000 S. Bouchard III.

Fishing Vessel Conversion

Terragon introduces MAGS

A 170 x 40-ft. ? shing vessel, now

ENABLING THE named Defender, recently underwent a and WETT-O for recovery of signi? cant conversion to become the ? rst

ZERO-WASTE energy from waste and ? sh pumping vessel in the Global Seas treatment of bilgewater. DISCHARGE and Patti Marine Enterprises Inc. ? eet.

Selected to provide engineering services

VESSEL including structural and mechanical work

MAGS for the conversion was Jensen Maritime, ?d?AY?IŽ?wOA?dAOGAYE?u?EOG

Crowley Maritime Corp.’s Seattle-based sYlŽGYG?O?

naval architecture and marine engineer- ?ZGE?ÐG?SŽ?GEs?ÐŽ?AuÐŽ?l?

ing company. Because the vessel was ?/YÐ?GA?GGYG?O?G?ÐsGYÐ?

being converted from ? shing work on the East Coast (herring and mackerel) ??l?GwGu?ÐuGAYGws??sŽY?

to West Coast ? shing (pollock), a new

MAGS WETT-O ? sh pumping system was installed on the

WETT-O stern and a new full forward, sheltered ?d?ÐGÐÐ?Ž|GEIŽ??ÐÐwŽsu ? sh distribution room was constructed ?uGÐl?ŽÐSGwsÐAuÐ?ŽÐG??

for protection during the ? sh sorting pro- ?EŽIulG???YŽÐSGwsÐAu?

cess. Both changes make the vessel better ?EŽdsŽuŽOsÐAul?GAlwGYl suited for the operations and weather of her new Alaska ? shing assignment, Jen- sen said. Structural work included a stern extension, bulbous bow with refurbish- ing of the thruster, whale back bow cover

Visit our Partners at CMA for the refurbished anchor windlass, an ^Z?ŽŽlS???dD^?ŽŽlS??

anti-roll tank, aft decks and bulwarks.

Mechanical work included rebuilding the main engines and generators, installation of new propellers, nozzles and De? ector

Rudder system. And, electrical systems and wiring received substantial upgrades and reworks by the shipyard along with sandblasting, water blasting, deep clean- th

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