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Green Marine Technology

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Optimized Schilling Twisted Trailing Edge Rudder he improvement of energy ef? ciency in Development of the rudder began a few years the global shipping industry is one of the ago and the product is now encountering increased sustainable goals of the Becker Marine demand, driven largely by environmental regula-


Systems company. To that end, the company is tions in the shipping industry.

presenting a new rudder pro? le, the optimised The rudder is suitable a number of applications,

Schilling Twisted Trailing Edge (Schilling TT) including tankers, general cargo carriers and re-

Rudder. Two years following the successful devel- search vessels, to name a few. These ships usually opment of the new Becker Schilling TT Rudder the have to travel long distances to their area of opera- outcome has been positive: “Our Twisted Trailing tions and once there are dependent on increased

Edge modi? cation of the familiar Schilling Rud- maneuverability. At the beginning of the year, der has become ? rmly established on the market,” Becker Marine Systems recorded incoming orders said Walther Bauer, Director of Sales & Projects for 10 Twisted Trailing Edge Rudders for general at Becker Marine Systems. “Becker’s engineers cargo carriers with a carrying capacity of 3,300 were successful in meeting customer demand for and 8,500 dwt. “We combine the rudder with our a well-considered solution for propulsion along specially optimized rudder bulbs in order to fur- with improved manoeuvrability in one rudder. We ther lower energy consumption,” said Bauer about are getting consistently positive feedback about the product innovation, which has lower servicing the improved performance of the rudder thanks to and maintenance costs due to the simple design of its asymmetric trailing edge,” said Bauer. its rudder blade.

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