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John E. O’Malley

John C. O’Malley

Associate Publisher/Editorial Director

Greg Trauthwein


Vice President, Sales

Rob Howard

Web Editor

Eric Haun hile the continued low pricing of energy deeply impacts the

Web Contributor

Michelle Howard collective maritime and energy markets, and I refuse to hazard a guess as to when the price of oil will stabilize and return to


Joseph Fonseca - India steady growth, the current down cycle gripping the market can

Claudio Paschoa - Brazil

Peter Pospiech - Germany perhaps be seen as a ‘glass half full’ … if you look really, really hard. The breadth and depth of pain is undeniable, particularly

Production the human toll of the many that have lost their jobs.


Irina Vasilets

Nicole Ventimiglia

Many of the larger, long-term players in the market are using current market conditions

Corporate Staff to hit the reset button, and as we have seen in down markets past, there is a proliferation of

Mark O’Malley, Marketing Manager

Esther Rothenberger, Accounting technology and technique providers coming out of the woodwork proposing system and solu-

Information Technology tions that purport to streamline the multiple process inherent in the discovery and recovery of

Vladimir Bibik

Emin Tule energy in the offshore sector, helping to make companies, leaner, meaner and positioned to prosper when the rebound hits.


Kicking off our offshore coverage is an interview on Energy Employment with Peter

Kathleen Hickey

Searle, CEO of Airswift Holdings Ltd. Searle leads this $1.2B turnover company and is well versed in all matters recruitment. He, and many throughout the industry, are sounding the

Sales warning bells long, loud and often to avoid mistakes of the past, namely the dreaded “Brain

Lucia Annunziata +1 212 477 6700 ext 6220

Drain” common with an industry sector collapses and employees on the street are forced to

Terry Breese +1 561 732 1185 ? nd paychecks in other ? elds, perhaps never to return. A delicate balance for sure, but one

Frank Covella +1 561 732 1659 that must be struck.

Mitch Engel +1 561 732 0312

We welcome to our pages again a familiar face, Jim McCaul of IMA/World Energy Re-

Mike Kozlowski +1 561 733 2477 ports, for his insights and updates on the Floating Production System market. It is no secret

Dawn Trauthwein +1 212 477 6700 ext 6230 the deepwater offshore is one of the more costly means to ? nd and recover oil and the market

Jean Vertucci +1 212 477 6700 ext 6210 downturn coupled with the implosion of Petrobras – a major global player in the ? oater mar- ket – have conspired to change the complexion of this industry almost overnight. But while

International Sales the outlook is foggy, it is far from black. The market will change, evolve and survive, and


Roland Persson

McCaul offers insights on the “6 Things You Need to Know Now.”

Orn Marketing AB, Box 184 , S-271 24

Ystad, Sweden

Last month our man in London, Tom Mulligan, was afforded the opportunity to attend a t: +46 411-184 00 f: +46 411 105 31 conference entitled “Disruptive Sustainability.” When the topic ? rst crossed my desk, my re-

Western Europe

Uwe Riemeyer sponse was, in not so many words, “what in the world is ‘disruptive sustainability?” As Mul- t: +49 202 27169 0 f: +49 202 27169 20 ligan found and reports, the issues of disruptive sustainability is deep, broad and important

United Kingdom

Paul Barrett throughout the maritime world, and while it may not have direct impact on your business in

Hallmark House, 25 Downham Road, Ramsden

Health, Essex CM11 1PU UK 2016, you can bet it will in the coming 5 to 10 years. A group of in? uential maritime leaders t: +44 1268 711560 m: +44 7778 357722 f: +44 1268 711567 weigh in via Mulligan’s report, which starts on page 66.

Classi? ed Sales t: (212) 477-6700


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