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ers are talking about a production freeze, on Petrobras operations and capital $80 billion. The Brazilian government One piece of good news is the deal drilling of new shale wells in the US has spending are obviously being felt. In is dealing with many problems and is Petrobras has negotiated with China to stalled and – most important – global de- March Petrobras announced plans to increasing unable to provide ? nancial access ? nancing. In late February Petro- mand for oil keeps growing. Sooner or lay off 12,000 staff – a 15% personnel backup to Petrobras. The Brazilian econ- bras signed a term sheet with China De- later supply and demand will come back reduction. Reports are circulating that omy is deteriorating at an alarming rate velopment Bank to access loans up to into balance. While many things can the (already downsized) plan to invest – with GDP falling 3.8% in 2015, expec- $10 billion in exchange for supplying oil disrupt and delay this rebalancing (e.g., $93 billion in capital projects over the tations of a similar decline this year and to Chinese companies. But this news is downturn in the Chinese economy), we next ? ve years looks about to be cut to unemployment nearing 10%. overwhelmed by bad news that seems to see a gradual recovery in oil prices over the next 6 to 12 months. This is not to say there will not be further dips. Oil prices are volatile. But the long term

Visit us trend is upward.

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The huge inventory of oil in the mar- 1877 ket will limit near term price increases and the ability of shale production to rapidly ramp up will likely hold prices

On Board Ship Designed and Approved Nitrogen within the two digits over the next few years. But we see prices getting back to É*ÊÊÊUÊÊÊ ?i??V>Ê*À?`ÕVÌÊ/>??iÀÃÊ>?`Ê >À}iÃÊÊÊUÊÊÊ*-"É-,1ÊÊÊUÊÊÊ"-6 $60 to $70 by the end of the decade. We ® also see the potential for a supply shock

GENERON designs and manufactures the that could send the price of oil into three most compact and energy ef? cient Nitrogen digits within this time frame. A supply

Generators, Integrated Compression Packages, disruption in the Middle East is still a

Inert Gas Blanketing Systems and more. continuing threat. Mideast oil ? elds are in a volatile region.

U New 3 Stage Cartridge Design

Meanwhile the brakes have been

U 95% to 99.999% Purity ? rmly applied to deepwater project

U Retro? t Designs starts. The last major FPSO contract was Dew Point of - 70F Standard

U awarded in January 2015 – an FPSO to 30% Smaller Footprint

U be used offshore Ghana. There also was Custom Open Frame or Skidded Designs

U a tentative contract in July 2015 for a production semi to be used in the GOM.

These two contracts – plus orders for a

For more information contact: handful of ? oating regas vessels – have been the total order intake over the past +01-713-937-5200 15 months. This is far below the histori-

Nitrogen Open Skid Compressed Air Package Nitrogen Cabinet cal order intake pattern. Contracts for an average of 12 FPSOs and 3 other oil/gas production ? oaters have been placed an- nually over the past ten years.


Petrobras’ Problems

Have Taken a Major


Player From the Market 3.

Samson’s Next Generation Heavy-lift Synthetic Sling

Running in parallel with the overall market downturn has been an unprece- dented implosion in Petrobras. The Bra-

Lift capacity: 50mt - 4000mt zilian oil company has been embroiled

Clean, easy to handle design in a corruption investigation that has led

Custom design support to a ? nancial and contracting meltdown.

Petrobras’ situation needs to stabilize and begin improving before the com- pany can again be a major driver of pro- duction ? oater contracts.

Unfortunately, Petrobras’ problems have not been easing. The company’s credit rating was reduced to junk status in 2015 – and was further downgraded by rating agencies in Q1 2016. S&P in mid-February cut Petrobras’ bond rating from BB+ to BB and Brazil’s sovereign rating from B+ to BB with negative out- look. Moody’s in February downgraded all ratings for Petrobras as well as rat- ings based on Petrobras’ guarantee to B3

Dyneema® is a registered trademark of Royal DSM N.V. Dyneema is DSM’s high-performance polyethylene product.

from Ba3.


The impact of the ? nancial pressures 33

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